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Amplios Consultants Pte Ltd

Amplios Consultants was formed in Singapore in August 2000 to provide performance improvement services to small-to-medium businesses ("SME's") around Asia. 

The principal of Amplios is Wilson Fyffe, an Australian consulting futurist and corporate planner who has been working in this region for more than 30 years. During the late 1990s, Wilson was the President Director of KPMG International Consultants Indonesia, based in Jakarta. He is now a member of the World Future Society( and the Global Board of Directors of the Professional Risk Management International Association, PRMIA ( Wilson is supported by an experienced professional consulting team.

The services are focused on improving management in risk, strategy and productivity. 

The company's clients include major multinationals such as Microsoft, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Petronas together with several hundred SMEs in a wide range of industries.

Selling a Business

Amplios has several recommendations for business people wishing to sell:

 - consider the transaction from your prospective buyer's point of view. In this regard, it will help if you go through the "Business Plans" process offered in this "businessforsale" website. It is a good example of current best practice.

 - if you have been in business for more than 12 years, consider entering your financial statements in the company analysis facility at the Amplios website. The link is Analysis. This gives graphic output for the main trends your buyers will be looking for. The entries can be done anonymously, free of charge. The point of this is that you have gone into a major financial crisis in 2008 and are still now on the way out. There may be hidden value in your business uncovered by this process.

- you may also like to consider a corporate renovation before you sell. This is normally an upgrading of your management information systems which can be done by an expert in Excel. No new software investment is envisaged and the process usually takes several weeks. The service is available from Amplios at a reasonable fee.

Buying a Business

Amplios has several recommendations for business investors wishing to buy:

 - consider buying a franchise, as the business systems and controls are already in place. This can be the base for oher activities later.

 - once you have signed a non-disclosure agreement for a target company, enter the financial statements in the Amplios company analysis model to inspect the trends. The link is Analysis. 

 - consider modelling the detailed revenue of the target company. A template for this is available at Plans. This gives a detailed analysis of the target company product segments and geographic locations, leading into a Rolling 3-Year Financial Plan.

 - consider the risks of investing in the target company, taking into account its industry and geographic location. Amplios has a service for this, titled "Rapid Due Diligence", which can be performed in a brief time frame at  reasonable fee.

Case Studies

The following are some case studies from our experience with acquisitions and divestments.


 - a major multinational fast food chain needed to divest its Malaysian operations. Our consultants participated in site visits and financial analysis to establish a value for negotiation purposes. The project was completed on time and within budget.

 - a major Australian forestry operator needed to divest its woodchip operations to a Japanese paper manufacturer. Our consultants developed long-term financial models to support valuation based on discounted cash flow. The negotiations were successful.

 - a major Australian mining company needed to divest its open cut coal mining operations. Our consultants developed long-term financial models in collaboration with the specialist mining engineers. Negotiations were successful.


 - prior to our engagement, our client had acquired a helicopter company without performing a full appraisal of the aircraft airworthiness survey certificates. This resulted in heavy charges against the trading account soon after the acquisition.

 - prior to our engagement, our client had acquired a ship-building company without checking the long term plans of the local government. These plans included the construction of a low-level freeway crossing which prevented the movement of medium-large vessels from the ship yard to the ocean. The company was limited to the building of small coastal vessels.

 - prior to our engagement, our client had acquired a small size oil tanker without properly checking its survey documents. Within a few years of acquisition, an expensive hull survey was due which should have been discounted against the acquisition price.

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