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Car Export Business To 25 Countries To End Buyer Not Importer

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the year of 2016 December, a car rental company who had 20 cars that is
due for scrapping as their car’s COE (certificate of entitlement) were
coming to an end. They called up scrapyards, online “exporters” who
promised to offer high price for car body but end up offering nothing
for their first due to scrap vehicle (Mitsubishi Colt Plus). Nothing,
meaning zero dollars, and the so-called “exporter” will do up the
necessary car disposal paperwork for the exchange of their car.


direct car owners had the exact same predicament when comes to
scrapping their cars. Ridiculous car prices offered by
scrapyards/exporters are simply frustrating.


you believe it? This is exactly what is happening in Singapore at the
moment. Singapore, who ranked the most expensive place in the world to
own a car, is also one of the cheapest places to buy a 10 years old car.
How can the disparity be so big? Who is controlling all these car body


One of the contributing factors to the feasibility of such export include Singapore's strict motor-vehicle inspections and high depreciation
which make such vehicles worth very little in Singapore after ten years
of age, and strict Transport regulations that make renewing vehicle COE
very expensive in Singapore.


we need a solution and we saw an opportunity. We know we have to do
something. We need to make a difference in this industry because it will
benefit a lot of car owners out there.

Congradulations if you are still reading, that means you saw the opportunity in our business as well.

are not just words, we have already built the online website equipped
with many advance functions that enables car owner to directly sell not
just to importer but we are talking about the end user which is the car
buyer. We are eliminating all middleman who has been exploiting the used
car market for close to 20 years now.

Please see screenshots for our website.

have in fact secured 6 major singapore car exporters, (they will be
using our platform to post their cars) as currently they are using a
japan export car website. See? We dont even have a website that enables
car owner to sell their cars directly. In the world, japan is the market
leader for exporting their japanese cars, its not that they are cheap,
in fact singapore cars are the cheapest in the world after 10 years old.
But we simple do not have the avenue to sell to the world, with our
platform, be sure that this will change the car selling price from now

we need $50k investment for our online sever (as we need massive fast
sever with the database that we are having), employing operation staff
for car inspections for the car owners as we need a detailed report of
car condition, export staff and marketing staff support.

you excited somehow just by reading this, PM us and we can see how we
can collaborate on a win win basis! Thank you for your time and talk

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