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Ecommerce Startup Seeking Investors Or Loans For Working Capital


Asking Price: S$100K - 200K
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Sheikh Farhan
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Reason For Sale

Seeking Working Capital for Expansion


Quick Background:

The modest wear ecommerce market in SEA (and globally) is currently very fragmented. It is currently under-represented which provides an opportunity. Most of the incumbents are battling in the "marketplace" arena and the "" playing field is ripe for us to grab market share in.

I started, as a side project, working from home to fill up this gap and to capitalise on the rising demographics demand, especially in Malaysia & Indonesia (highest and rising # of our target audience)

Am a self-taught techie (DIY on the website), and bootstrapped for the photography, purchasing, graphic designs, doing up the FB Ads, analytics, packing, sending out to customers etc...

I have managed to secure 2 heavy-weights in the Merchandising & Logistics departments - which allows us several unfair advantages over our competitors (their details available in a Pitch Deck, ready for interested and serious party).

We have managed to get traction and customers - where I believe we can "eat more lunches" out there and dominate the market post-funding.

Bootstrapping and working from home, with only $1.5K of advert FB spent, have managed to get $40K in sales with 39% of sales coming from repeat purchases.

Conversion rates are averaging between 3-4% and customers love us! (4.9 Star FB Reviews @ with over 20K fans with no major marketing dollars spent (revenue, google analytics and other metrics are available for review).

Current SetUp:

- A Private Limited company was setup in May 2017 with a Paid-Up Capital of S$100K. I am the sole director. 

- Warehouse & Office SetUp at Greenwich Drive (welcome for a tour for serious investor/lender).

- Infrastructures ready as of May 2017 includes: Mobile friendly ecommerce website with PayPal & credit card gateways, inventories, suppliers, logistics & fulfillment team for expansion/deliveries to South East Asia, digital marketing team, social media setup, customer database

- Raising funds for Working Capital.


I am trying to raise S$200K early-stage funding in exchange for equity in my company or debt-financing via loans (please indicate your interest rates and other terms for initial discussion).

Min Investment/Loan quantum would be $100K (so max 2 investors/lenders)

Use of funds would be for new hires, creating a new B2B Ecommerce Platform to complement and for additional revenue stream, for working capital and for immediate expansion to MY & ID - while I envision to grow the company to a target of $10M valuations by Yr 3.

We have laid down strong and scalable infrastructures and require a bit of gasoline to heat up the marketing and expand my working team.

Government Grants will be utilized for expenses incurred in digital marketing, branding, expansion to MY & ID etc.. which would allow better cash-flow, post-funding.

A Pitch Deck with Financial Forecast available to interested and serious investor/lender.

Thank you.

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