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Forex Expert Advisor Business Program. Low Entry Opportunity US$3,000. Flexible Exit Anytime.

Central Area, Singapore

Asking Price : SGD4,200

Revenue: Not Disclosed

Cash Flow: Not Disclosed

Payable: Not Disclosed

Established: Not Disclosed

Gross Profit: Not Disclosed

Inventory: Not Disclosed

Receivable: Not Disclosed

Owner Role: Full Time

Net Profit: Not Disclosed

Liability: Not Disclosed

FFE: Not Disclosed

Staff: Not Disclosed

* Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Annual average

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What is an Expert Advisor?

Expert Advisors are specialized programs that allow automation of the analytical and trading processes in the MT4 trading platform. In simpler terms, they are software tools that professionals and institutions use to facilitate trading in the currency market.

Participation Process:

  1. Open a trading account with a licensed broker in your name.

  2. Fund US$3,000 into your account.

  3. Endorse a LPOA (Letter of Power of Attorney) to authorised a Money Manager to manage your account using the Expert Advisor software tool.

  4. Monitor the performance of the Expert Adivsor.

  5. If you feel the performance is favorable, recommend the product to potential clients.

  6. If you feel that this is not what you are looking for, withdraw your funds and close the account.

  7. All your funds are under your personal control and only you have the access to your own funds.

Am I investing in the Expert Advisor?

You are depositing your own funds into your own trading account. The Expert Advisor will be installed to indicate trading signals and controlled by a team of traders with an average of 8-10 years of experience. This is a semi automated trading methodology that help clients to generate profits from the currency market without the need of you having to know how to trade.

How much can I make by opening a trading account managed by a Money Manager using the Expert Advisor program?

If you do not intend to market the Expert Advisor Program and make it into your business, your account will generate:

  1. *Projected 25-90% per annum

  2. *Projected 1% per month

If you are running as a business after you have witness your own progress and develop your own market, you can look forward to a monthly income of $3,000 to $6,000 a month during the first year. $15,000 - 30,000 a month in the second year.

*The above projections are based on normal market conditions and please take note that there is no guarantee in any forex and money market activities. Please seek third party advise when making decisions.

It sounds too good to be true?

Such income level is quite a norm in the money market just that many people have limited knowledge in this industry.

Can I withdraw my money from the trading account anytime?

There is no lock-in period. This is your own account in your own name and you can withdraw your funds anytime. Only you have access to your own account.

This looks more like an investment than a business?

In any business, first you need to be confident about the product before you can make it a marketable business.

If you are starting a restaurant, you must first employ your chef, buy your ingredients, try out your own menu, before you are confident of serving your customers. 

Our suggestion is first to witness the performance of the Expert Advisor program yourself. Only after you have confidence in the performance of the program, then make it a marketable and profitable business for you.

In anycase, your account will be generating trades by the Expert Advisor Program once it is activated and funded.

Is it easy to market the Expert Advsior Program?

It is not difficult because the results of your own account will be your most powerful marketing tool.  This is why we suggest you have your own account running on the Expert Advisor and producing results before moving forward to the business.

Simply show your results to your prospective clients and the numbers will sell by itself. But first, you need to take your first step by having your own account running on the Expert Advisor Program.

What if half way through the process, I want to exit?

Just login into your trading account and make a withdrawal from your own account and you can easily exit the program. 

What is my risk in the Expert Advisor Program?

Your risk in a managed Expert Advisor Program is limited to a 50% Drawdown.

What does it mean by 50% Drawdown?

For example, your account balance is $3,865. You can withdraw the $865 profits back into your bank account and keep $3,000 capital intact to continue the trading.

The reason is because the Expert Advisor will only trade on your capital and not on your profits. So there is no point leaving the profits in the trading account.

When your account balance falls below $3,000 to $2800 for example, do you need to top up the $200 difference? The answer is “No”.

As the drawdown is 50%, the trading will continue based on $3,000 capital until the account reach the $1,500 stop loss limit. Until then, you will decide to top up and continue or exit by withdrawing your balance of $1,500.

In fact, you are in full control of your risk as you have full access to trading information and withdrawal access. i.e. even before the 50% drawdown is reached, you can exit by doing a withdrawal anytime, anywhere, with internet access.

This way, you have full control of your risk even though the exposure is limited to 50% drawdown under normal market conditions.

I am interested and ready to move forward, how can I understand more?

Kindly express your interest here and Kris will arrange an appointment for you with Kenny, the Marketing Associate of the Expert Advisor Business Program.  The appointment is between 30-45 mins.

All the information in this listing has been provided by the business seller or representative. Our platfrom is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

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