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Generate $5,000 - $9,000 Per Month By Owning A Digital Marketing Franchise

Marine Parade

Asking Price: S$2,500
  • Premise Type N/A Premise Size N/A
  • Monthly Rental S$0 Rental Desposit N/A
  • Revenue S$30,000 Cash Flow S$350,000
  • Gross Profit S$23,000 Net Profit S$20,000
  • Stock N/A Liability N/A
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE N/A Established 2010
  • Owner Role Full Time Staff 8
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
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Reason For Sale

Expanding Business Operations


How to make $5,000-$9,000 a month within 90 days by selling
preset digital marketing strategies, social media campaigns and full suite of
advertising advisory to local business owners in Singapore.

You are a full time mother looking after your kids, sending
them to school, picking them up again in the afternoon only to drop them off at
the tuition center and although you love your kids more than anything in the
world, you miss being in the corporate world.. However, you don't MISS the
corporate red tape or the long inflexible working hours.. You feel, you need to
do something that is exciting again. Need to help bring in extra income so that
your family can go on that dream vacation to Disney land or some place exotic
just  you and your hubby.

You have probably been thinking of creating your own
business, but for reasons that are both valid and lame you are procrastinating.
You blame no capital, you blame no business ideas, you blame no guidance for your

But what if??? There is a business that is already
successful, that's already generating well over $550,000 per annum and is
willing to share that secret with you. Is willing to allow you to own a white
label franchise..  You don't have to do
anything, just provide a company name and logo and they will provide the entire
business operations along with the back end support. All you have to do is be
the front-end. Be the face of the company..

What will you get with this franchise?

You get, extensive training on how to market:

* Social media campaigns
* Digital marketing strategies
* Full advertising advisory

To local businesses in Singapore. Let's face it every
business needs to increase their customer base. They need to increase their
sales. How can they do it with minimal spent on advertising? By social media.
By carrying out digital marketing strategies, by having an online presence.
These are packages that you will sell to businesses.

But you ask.. I don't know how to do these things. They
sound super complicated. They sound super hard to do.. Yes they are difficult
yes they are complicated, but the beauty about owning this franchise is that
you don't have to do a single thing!! We will take care of all the work with
our dedicated professional team of marketers. With our creative team, that will
guide and help you execute the work.. You just focus on acquiring the business,
focus on meeting the business owners and educating them on the services your
new franchise has to offer.<o:p></o:p>

You get to leverage our company's resources, our branding
and our team of experts.. We will do all the work for you, these packages that
you will sell to business owners, are really a NO brainer because it will help
them grow their REVENUE. It will help them acquire new customers and the best
part, they can even claim subsidy from the government.

Who are we?

We are Icon Franchise, we represent a local digital
marketing and advertising agency that has a great list of clients ranging from
government clients to global listed . They have annual billings of well over $550,000 per annum, and growing. Now they
are opening their doors to franchisees as they believe in sharing the growth.

Do something an act now, get in touch with us and start
operating your franchise in just 7 days! Introductory price of $2,500 franchise fees / annum valid until 31st December 2014.


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