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Guitar Online Store With Stocks For Takeover.


Asking Price: S$4,800
  • Premise Type N/A Premise Size N/A
  • Monthly Rental S$0 Rental Desposit S$0***
  • Revenue Under S$5K Cash Flow Under S$5K
  • Gross Profit Under S$5K Net Profit Under S$5K
  • Stock S$4,800*** Liability S$0
  • Payable S$0 Receivable N/A
  • FFE S$0*** Established 2012
  • Owner Role Full Time Staff 0
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
  • ***Not inlcude in the selling price
tan yenhuan
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Reason For Sale

Busy with other commitments, letting go of my retail businesses.


Letting go because of too many other commitments. I run other small businesses and am letting go of my retail side.

Set-up 3 years ago when i was in university. At that point of time, with only utilizing free business classified ads such as locanto and gumtree, i was able to sell 8 guitars per week. I re-list it weekly.

Now, the sales run from carousel and gumtree mainly, owner need not do anything other than wait for SMS/call/message to have sales. Currently i do not update or relist actively and i still get to sell around 3-5 guitars a month. However, i would urge the new owner to do what i have no time to do, relist and update it more frequently, i garuntee you will get more sales just by doing that, this is a great opportunity for new business owner to exercise your marketing strategy.

Takeover comes with:

All my stocks [ Mainly kepma and Bd-55 guitars,Dove bpm B410, A frame guitar stands, guitar bags and accessories] [Other guitars on the site have already been sold out]

*note* These are the guitars i handpicked from a guitar exhibition 3 years ago, they are the best sounding for their range out of over 1000 guitars. When i sell them, I am very confident, because i know that they are the best for value, at very good quality and workmanship and they sound fantastic. Both guitars are Spruce engelmann top. They sound bright and full. I also offer 7 days free refund, simply get a full refund when they make a return, and i have not have a single return even with that policy. To date, i have sold around 300 guitars. [I started selling even before uni, without website)

Website:  I own both .net and .com domains but i hardly utilize them as most sales comes automatically from carousel and gumtree/locanto/sgclassifieds. Buyers tend to call/sms/whatsapp and i just deal with them directly.


Contacts: I will pass you the supplier and contacts i deal with.

Plans: If you wish to know, the expansion plans which i have yet to carry out. (You will decide how to run the business from now on)

Facebook: I have gathered legit 1400 Likes throughout this perioud. They are 100% legit users, not bought from anywhere.

Business Operation

24 hours
Business Hour
All the stocks. You will need a warehouse to store the stocks.
Mainly the physical retail stores. But you advantage is you are a fully e-commerce and your savings from owning physical stores can be passed directly to your customers, this is a big plus because they can get high quality guitars and almost 60% of the price in retail. Physical retail markup is very high.
1) You can start consigning to physical shops. 2) you could target to supply to schools with guitar ensembles 3) You could start using better ways of marketing ( i've only done the minimal and am able to profit from this within my first year) 4)You are the only purely ecommerce guitar seller in this industry, you have no overheads to pay and will be free to take on any direction you can think of. 5) The stocks you will receive are vetted through by guitarists and handpicked, which means it's sound, quality and workmanship are through the roof, and even better than what they could get from your competition. (I always sell them with 100% confidence) 6) No liabilities and free to expand in any way. 7) I get occasional oversea buyers (i don't know how to found about this) 8) These guitars are rated top 3 in their home country. (China, face it, most brands also manufacture from china, there are excellent reviews of them all over the net) 9) Working on SEO and a possible revamp (i will let you know how at a super low cost, around 15 dollars a month, or possibly even free). SEO will greatly boost your business which i have not done. 10) So many ways i could think of but could not do, If you are the kind of person who can take action, this is definitely for you.
Expansion Potential
I will let you know whatever you want and need to know to profit from it.
Supporting and Training
You can be seasoned or fresh. Buyer should be interested in retail business or have passion for guitars.
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