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Looking For Investor To Start An Online Cold Pressed Juicing Bus

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Asking Price: S$8,000
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  • Revenue S$5K - 10K Cash Flow S$5K - 10K
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This is James and my partner and I have recently devised a proposal for a new online business that sells cold pressed juice cleanses at highly affordable prices to remain competitive in a rather saturated market. 

We stand out not only in terms of attractive pricing but our juices are each concocted carefully with a superfood (Chia Seeds, Moringa etc) add on. No existing companies offer this at the moment in Singapore. 

We have not started this, but we are looking for a third-party investor to invest a lump sum of SGD8,000, preferably with prior PR and marketing background. SGD8,000 converts to 40% of the shares in the company. 

As we are both students currently, an investor is important to back us up financially while we run the business. Therefore the role of the investor is a hands-free one but of course we take into consideration and welcome ideas from potential investor. 

A breakdown of the startup cost can be presented. My partner and I will each put in some money too for the business to start, but our cash is limited.

We expect the first few months of operation to have extremely low sales because we rely heavily on marketing for our business to work. Therefore marketing takes time and we forsee that sales will only pick up after 3-4 months. 

That being said because it is an online shop, startup cost is kept to the minimal but we envision that the break-even point may be 6 months since our inception. 

Also, the investor can be rest assured that he/she will not have to be held liable for any health issues related to our products. 

The role of the investor is merely to invest a sum of SGD8,000. It is only this amount that is stopping us from moving forward. Instead of working with our immediate family and friends, we feel that it may be more helpful to reach out to potential investors like yourself, whom there could be further pleasant connections we can make. Besides we are confident that the third-party investor will be able to bring in his expertise to make this business a successful one.

However for the first year please do not expect high returns. Returns are expected to range from a few hundred dollars to no more than $2,000 for the first 12 months because we foresee growth will be slow. This can be a side income for you, the potential investor. 

Nonetheless once we establish a strong brand presence at the end of the first year, we expect higher sales volume and greater ROI. This then presents a host of expansion possibilities when we become the most affordable option among all other brands. It is only then we can explore other opportunities including wholesale and having our own kitchen. 

For now we are looking for an investor who is ready to invest with the amount and who see a future in healthy cold pressed juices. Once the partnership between us is secured, we can start the business right away within two months. 

Please PM me to express interest. Thanks! 

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