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Looking For Investors For Food/Drink Venture In Taiwan From Singapore

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Asking Price: Under S$50K
Looking For Investors For Food/Drink Venture In Taiwan From Singapore
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Churros Taiwan
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Reason For Sale

Looking for Right Investors


Hi, we are looking for the right-fit and potential investors/business partners for a food &/or drink venture in Taiwan wih high potential growth. The food & drinks that we will be going to sell is already established in Singapore and has been featured in various mainstream media such as The Straits Time (Singapore main newspaper), The Sunday Times column, Berita Harian (Singapore main malay newspaper). The company has participated in major roadshows and events with overwhelming support for drinks that would suit the tastes of the market segment in Taiwan. 

This is a quick offer as we have previously gotten assistance by using this platform and now we are excuting the plan in early August 2017. So if you feel that you have the passion or interest in venturing with us, please do not hesitate to contact us asap. Thanks


- Identified a few areas in Taiwan to open, establish core marketing strategies, etc

- Local contacts with CPA, agents, suppliers, workforce pool, etc established

- Featured on Straits Times, Sunday Times, Berita Harian

- Ground work has already been covered

- Established local business presence with physical shop in Singapore

- Pitfalls and main potential threats have been identified

- Food taste and asthetics as per according to expats, tourist and local (Taiwanese) taste 

- Marketing planning and strategy has already been thought-processed. Key areas identified. 

- Strengths, External & Internal threats, potential pitfalls & legality issues have been identified

- Growth strategy has been established with automation plans

- Exit strategy and ways for investors has been carved out with options

Investment Amount

Looking for a right-fit investor who can valued-add in terms of both monetary and through ideas/connections. We are only looking only for 1 partner (maybe 2 at most).

1) $40,000 for 15% stake
2) $75,000 for 30% stake
3) $35,000 as a 3-years loan @ fixed ROI of 15% to 20% per annum with 2% stake

Please contact us directly for more details. If we can get along, chances are we will take you along on a tour and taste some really really good food in Singapore where we make our magic food.

***Please note***
- That we are looking for the right investor and willing to venture with us on an exciting journey.
- We are not going to entertain investor who valuate the venture solely based on the amount requested wihtout justification.
- The business is being run by a small team of passionate individuals with some experience.
- This round-raising is being doned after extensive ground work, track-record in Singapore, not a blind entry/foray.
- Please do NOT contact us if you are only asking for fun with no intention, harbouring any other intentions such as planning to headhunt, hire, getting ideas (we have met many of such individuals), if so, we may not be the right one for you.*** 

Business Operation

The are both direct and indirect competitors. However with a unique taste that is highly suited to Taiwanese and the general population, both in terms of taste and aesthetic wise, we are able to overcome this hurdle.

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