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Machine Rental Returns 4-5% Per Month For 36 Months. Buy And Leaseback

Central Area

Asking Price: S$50K - 100K
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  • FFE N/A Established 2014
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  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Annual average
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Reason For Sale

Building AUM (Asset under management)


Guaranteed 36 months rental yield:

Buy and leaseback ASIC miners. 

$10k USD min. 48% returns per year (4% monthly) FIXED.

3 years tenure but you'll get back your returns monthly.

Enter by 31 Dec, get extra 1% monthly (means 60% profits per year instead of 48%)

Singapore based company. 100% legit. 

All contracts have been vetted by lawyers. 

Company has strong credentials - been interviewed by CNA and Netflix before.

Terms and conditions:

1. minimum purchase of 10 machines.

2. Machine buy back anytime at USD$500 per machine. 

3. 2 months lead time. Order, set up, testing. 

4. Machine starts operational 1st day of 3rd month from purchase.

5. Rental yield 36months payment starts from end of 3rd month. 

6. Client can choose to withdraw at anytime: rig or USD$500/rig.

7. Location of farm is strictly P&C.

8. New purchases are made on a separate agreement. 

9. All upgrades, maintenance, fire and thefts are sole responsibility of Vassets holdings.

Payment mode:

1. Cheque

2. Cash

3. Cryptocurrencies 

Referral commission:

1. 5% referral comms (one-time)

2. 2.5% recurring for 36 months.

All purchase comes with receipt.

All lease back comes with agreement. 

Join us today to build our AUM together 🙏💪🏻

Business Operation

We own a Hydro electric power plant.
competition is reduced because traditional miners are shutting down on after another. They purchase electricity from government whereas we own the electrical supply.
In total for current plant, we can accommodate another 140,000 asic miners.
Expansion Potential

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