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Patented Skin Exfoliator Tool Business For Sale


Asking Price: S$7,740,000
Patented Skin Exfoliator Tool Business For Sale
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  • FFE S$0*** Established 2010
  • Owner Role Part Time Staff 2
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Joshua Thia
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Reason For Sale

Owner is retiring


This is a listing to sell a patented skin-care technology business/company, company is registered in Hong Kong for tax purposes and owned by the tool's inventor. Manufacturing is done JIT in China.

Inventor is a personal friend and from Australia. Please note that this is not a dying business, it is an up and coming business very much like Ped-Egg offered on all JML stands in 7-11s world-wide. Ped-Egg sold approximately 50 plus million units world wide and about 1.5 million units in Singapore. Ped-Egg is just a tool for hard skin on the foot, ours can be used for the whole body including the foot and anywhere that has skin.

This is the world's most effective home skin exfoliator. Using laser-forged micro groove technology, this simple patented tool allows the user to exfoliate skin in the shower using nothing but water. It is effective because of its patented micro edge, that produces instant precise exfoliation results.

Company currently in talks with JML for distribution within Singapore and other parts of the world. JML has made its first test run debut and has sold out in most stalls that they placed the tool.

The tool will be offered in all Seven Elevens and Guardians island-wide by end of the year 2013 or 1st quarter of 2014. If all goes well, tool will be distributed by 7-11 and guardians world-wide just like Ped-Egg.

Patent is until 2030 (with plans to renew).

Company is proceeding with R&D for its next version of exfoliating tools. Doctors and users love the product and have written official feedbacks on its effectiveness. Used by thousands world wide and also in hospitals before surgery.

Currently distributed by branded reputable distributors world-wide and recently adopted by seven star spas around the world, the company is now focused on OEM Manufacturing and Research and Development for its future versions of the patented tool. Much of the initial capital in the first 2-3 years was pumped mainly into patenting the technology world-wide, marketing and creating awareness of the tool to users, distributors, hospitals and skin-care companies.

Owner not selling for less than 6 Million USD.

All Currency only in USD.

Sale of company will have to include a royalty fee paid to inventor per piece sold in future dealings of buyer. That will be discussed and negotiated when you meet up with the seller.

The role of my company will act as broker/escrow and hold all funds until all final paper work is done, and ownership of company is transferred 100% to buyer.

Comission will be paid fully by the seller.

Business Operation

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Like-minded Investors with a sincere wish to help others in achieving healthy, younger looking skin.
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