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Production & Distribution Of Honey & Its Healthcare & Personal Care Products

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Production & Distribution Of Honey & Its Healthcare & Personal Care Products
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Manuka honey prices has been increasing in past few years because global demand has been increasing rapidly with stagnant supply. We want to capitalize on our modest  international success, grow our business and aggressively rock the boat with disruptive solutions as the industry has been run in traditional Kiwi way for decades. We are still small, organization, the potential return for next stage investor can be significant.

Our company has vertically integrated honey operations from plantation, bee keeping, procurement, international distribution to product development. 

We have acquired thirty years apiary right for more than seven thousand hectares of all weather accessible and secured plantation land in North Island in New Zealand. The apiary right will secure long term manuka honey supply,  sustainable competitive advantage. 

Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, global corporate managers and industry veteran. Most of our competitors do not have multicultural team.

Honey that are marketed, tested and routed through Singapore are well received in China. It is even more credible than products shipped directly from New Zealand.

We are migrating technological solution and business model from other platforms, and launching unique, innovative global niche products to disrupt the supply chain.

Growth Strategy

We want to capitalise on our strength to expand our plantation, bee keeping, product development, sales and distribution operations. Our strategic goal is to become an integrated global honey leader  specializing in honey and its associated products in the health care, cosmetic, skin care segment.  

If you want to know more, please send your whatsapp for comprehensive business plan.

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