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Qoo10 Power Seller Rating Ready Account For Sale

Choa Chu Kang

Asking Price: S$25,000
Qoo10 Power Seller Rating Ready Account For Sale
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Sean Leaw
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Reason For Sale

Changed of business direction


I am putting up this Qoo10 Singapore Power Seller rating ready account for sale. This sale is for the Qoo10 seller account only, not the whole business. Products, inventory and brands I carry does not go along with this sale. You will be buying over an Qoo10 Power Seller account for the advantage and benefits of Power Seller grade. The reason I am selling off this account because of the change of business direction which I no longer focus on running this Qoo10 store. I am currently selling automotive accessories specialising on car cam and TPMS on Qoo10, but you can sell other automotive products or non-related products. Or you can sell similar products of different brands and make use of my existing listing with hundreds of reviews as an advantage.

You may see that it is now only show as Good seller or Standard seller, this is because there are criteria to maintain the seller’s grade on monthly basis. If failed to maintain, the grade will drop but Power Seller eligibility is always valid. As long you meet the monthly criteria the grade maintain or jumps back up. Reason I didn’t maintain Power seller grade recently is as mentioned earlier, I changed my business direction so focus no longer on Qoo10 which caused the drop in grade. But simply look into my popular items reviews and you know I am not blowing up my account credibility. Below a rough idea of how seller grade upgrades works.


Seller Grade upgrade requirement (on one year record)

Good - Accumulated transaction value of over $10k + Service rating must not be a negative value

Power - Accumulated transaction value of over $50k + Service rating must not be a negative value


Maintenance of seller grade (on monthly basis)

Good - Accumulated transaction value of over $1k

Power - Accumulated transaction value of over $5k


You may be asking why should you buy over an existing Power Seller account when you can start from scratch and with hard work and good product you can reach Power Seller grade in no time? The answer is simple. Hard work + good product does not means success. How many times have you seen or hear a friend or someone says they are going into online business and Qoo10 is a good platform which they can jump in and start selling having high hopes of getting good sale and become Power Seller and failed? 1 out of 1000 may be success, 999 failure could have spent a fortune yet failed. The one success guy could invested a lot of money and took years to reach a Power Seller grade. Many Power Seller in fact throw in a lot of money to buy their own products in order to hit Power Seller upgrade when they just started out. It took me 3 years to be eligible for Power Seller upgrade without throwing in large investment, how long do you think you will take?


Also for every item you sell, Qoo10 charges you a service fee. For example, item <$200: Standard seller 12% fee/ Power seller 9% fee. Do the math! Below the service fee table for ref:


Qoo10 service fee (commission charge by Qoo10)

Standard – item price <$200 (12%)   $200~500 (11%)         $500~1000 (10%)       >$1000 (9%)

Good – item price <$200 (10%)         $200~500 (9%)           $500~1000 (8%)         >$1000 (7%)

Power – item price <$200 (9%)          $200~500 (8%)           $500~1000 (7%)         >$1000 (6%)


So now you are thinking $25k to buy over a Qoo10 account without product is steep right? Ok, when you buy over the account, it means you instantly enjoy the eligibility for Power Seller. You do not need to wait for one year accumulates $50k transaction to be eligible. All you need to do is to maintain $5k transaction every month and pays less service fee to Qoo10 (why pay more to them when you can pay less?)  And being a Power Seller, when shoppers search for a product that probably have many others selling the same products on Qoo10 and pricing is more or less the same. You being a Power Seller will grab the shopper’s attention and giving them more confidence buying from you. Even if sometimes your price maybe slightly higher than others they might still choose you simply because Power Seller are more trustable.


On my peak, I did over $100k a year. My profit cannot be disclosed. But just look at my popular items reviews alone tells you a lot how well I am doing. As mentioned my business direction changed and not focus on Qoo10 since few months back, even so I did about $70k transaction for past one year just that I did not maintain monthly requirement hence dropped in grade. Also I have been running Qoo10 store for 6years full time, if not profitable how do I manage till now? So $25k is really not steep price to pay for.


FYI, because I did so well in my Qoo10 store I am now engaged by another company to help runs their new official store on Qoo10 for a few brands as a 3rd party contractor. Which is the main reason I am letting go this account.


The sale includes:

-       Transfer of Qoo10 account ownership

-       Removing old detail and updating new info

-       Help setup a new Qoo10 seller shop (material to be provided by new owner)

-       Help to create new listing (max 3) for your product so that you can just copy over to new listing

-       Guidance on usage for PC seller platform and mobile app (max 2weeks)


$15k on confirmation and I will submit transfer of ownership.

$10k upon successful transfer of ownership.

Interest please contact 9684-3147 or email

Do not leave me a message without your contact details. I do not subscribe a premium package so cannot see your contact from your profile unless in indicate in your message itself.

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