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Silent Investment Partner Or Working Channel Partners Required - IT Company


Asking Price: S$1M - 5M
Silent Investment Partner Or  Working Channel Partners Required -  IT Company
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  • FFE N/A Established 2010
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Reason For Sale

We are looking more sales with higher business value at least SGD 500,000


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I am the founder, decision maker and Vice President taking care of Product Innovation and Technology Operation. We are delivering solutions for Government agencies with my existing contacts.

I have introduced so many Products and Solutions which you can refer in the above website. Most of my solutions are Cloud based and Off-the-shelf which are to lower cost of implementation and maintenance. My Operation has detailed processes and documentation to ensure no defects and manageable by any fresher or junior candidates.

I am having road map to introduce many new products to simplify implementation and maintenance cost which are giving equal features and quality to large enterprises.

I am inviting a partner who can invest at least SGD 500K and together bring new sales contacts for my business. My team can further work and ensure implemented the agreed solutions successfully.

Alternatively, I am inviting a buyer to buy my entire business with full assets of Products and services. If required, I am able to support the company for at least 3 months until hand over entire solutions and services to new team. My selling price is 1 Million with my direct guidance of 3 months to transfer knowledge.

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