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Facebook Groups With 32K Member Each


Asking Price: S$3,000
Facebook Groups With 32K Member Each
  • Premise Type N/A Premise Size N/A
  • Monthly Rental S$0 Rental Desposit N/A
  • Revenue N/A Cash Flow N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A Net Profit N/A
  • Stock N/A Liability N/A
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE N/A Established 2014
  • Owner Role Part Time Staff 0
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
Leonardo dela Cruz

Reason For Sale

fund other projects


I'm selling these 2 Facebook groups with group name
Singapore Marketplace and Singapore Classified.
You can use these groups for SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.
Imagine having this kind of exposure will help your
business grow in a short span of time.

  1. Realtor - pinned for rental or for sale (condo / hdb)
  2. Online Singapore Seller - to sell online
  3. Local Businesses - to have brand awareness
  4. SEO Companies - to drive traffic.

Both of these groups have 32,000+  each (64,000 members for both)  
members and it was created 2 years ago.  80 percent of the members are 
from Singapore too. 

You can create your own group in FB, but it's quite hard
to invite and make it grow.

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