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Local Business Looking For Collateral Based Working Capital Loan

Central Area

Asking Price: S$400,000
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  • Revenue N/A Cash Flow N/A
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  • FFE N/A Established 2015
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Frank Baum

Reason For Sale

Looking for collateral based support funds


Good Day, 

Dear Friends and Investors

A Singapore based company dealing with 

investments in Socio-Economic development

projects in the ASEAN and Asia Pacific Region

is looking for an active Collateral Based Loan.

The company is receiving cash funds from an

overseas private philanthropic investor  

and has been tasked to oversea the management

and dealing of this funds for the above mentioned


The directors of the company are willing to pledge

a privatised HUDC in exchange for a cash fund

loan of $400k SGD. The market valuation of the 

property is $1.2 million dollars

Included in the board of directors are top ex- civil 

servants from IDA, SMI and others. 

The funds are required by the company to complete 

the compliance activities involved between the 

philanthropic investor, the banks and diplomatic 

clearance channels to bring these funds into 


As an added incentive, the directors of the company

are willing to disperse a cash reward of $10 million 

SGD for personal wealth creation once these funds

are brought into Singapore for the Loan Providing 

Individual or Company successfully. 

The time period for disbursement and return of

loan and cash reward is over 6 months.

Interest can be charged on the loan amount 

Serious Parties have to show proof by cashier's

order / banker's gurantee of $50,000 and provide 

a letter of offer for $400k loan before we proceed.

The private philantrophist will be flown in for

investors to perform due diligence, before

proceeding with the loan.

If investors are not satisfied, the banker's 

gurantee and cashier's order will be 

refunded immediately.

Please contact me for a meet up

for more details.

Thank you

Warm Regards,

Sooriamurthy K 

(alias Frank Baum)

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