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Mobile App Business (Doesnt Require You To Program)

Central Area

Asking Price: S$950
Mobile App Business (Doesnt Require You To Program)
  • Premise Type N/A Premise Size N/A
  • Monthly Rental S$0 Rental Desposit S$2,500***
  • Revenue S$4,500 Cash Flow S$50K - 100K
  • Gross Profit S$4,500 Net Profit S$4,000
  • Stock S$0 Liability S$0
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE S$1,000*** Established 2007
  • Owner Role Full Time Staff 4
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
  • ***Not inlcude in the selling price
Azan Tengku

Reason For Sale

We are offering franchise opportunities


How to make 4000 - 6000 a month within 90days by selling mobile apps to local business owners without any programming knowledge.

You are probably working for someone doing the 9-5 grind and doing for the last few years but you are here for 1 reason... You don't like it one bit and you want to change your life!

If you don't change anything things are going to get harder.  Younger fresh graduates are gunning for your job and askig for half of what you are making. Imagine that. Half your pay at twice your hunger. Do you see how venerable you are?

You have probably have probably been thinking of creating our own business, but for reasons that are both valid and lame you are procrastinating. You blame no capital , you blame no business ideas, you blame no guidance for your procrastination.

But what if? There was a done for you business in a box that helps you start a business within 7 days? Say goodbye to your excuses and hello to business ownership.

You get a:

Mobile app business that you can now sell apps to business owners

You get to sell them at $5000 per app which means your profit margin is huge

You get to outsource all the coding and programming to our dedicated team of in house programmers. In a nutshell we will show you how to create low cost, high quality mobile apps and sell it at 15 times the development cost to non technology savvy business owners.

Did you also know that business owners don't have to fork out their own money as there is government finding which would subsidize their cost. It's called pic open a new window.

Who am I? To teach you this? I've been doing this for a few years now. And some of my apps have gotten extensive media coverage: we were featured on channel news asia and our current downloads are in the thousands. 

This is not a get quick rich solution, neither is this a potentially risky investment. This is a risk free investment that you can make, with the promise of generating a steady passive monthly income that only requires you to ask around. Business owners are always looking to develop Mobile apps for their business, it helps with customer retention, interaction and generally educating the public on their product offerings. This is our chance to capitalise, we've done this for some years now, and we feel that the time is right, for us to share this opportunity with the public. do check out: if you would like a free trial account to see just HOW easy it is to develop an app. Hope to hear from you SOON!

Business Operation

Whenver, you feel like working
Business Hour
We currently have an office where you can use to meet potential clients, however for the most part you can be as lean as possible and work from home. you can work from cafes, hotels malls anywhere with a WIFI connection is your OFFICE. However, once you are a franchisee you have access to our office to meet clients and even work of if you like.
All the other competitors would require a team of developers/programmers and lead time would take on average 3 months to develop a mobile app. However, with our proprietary platform, it allows users to point and shoot their design and app flow. This significantly reduces development time to roughly 2 weeks per app.
We are currently targeting local business owners with a focus on F&B and retail in the Eastern part of Singapore. This has massive upside potential to scale up nationwide, even the region.
Expansion Potential
Yes, this is franchise business.
We are offering a 1 time franchise fee of $950 to have this platform completely whitelabeled to your branding. Means, NO one you approach will know that you are just franchising this platform, it will be completely to your branding. If you decide you would like to use our branding instead, that can also be arranged for an initial fee of $650.
No skills required, just a pleasant personality and eagerness to HUSTLE! There will be plenty of training materials that you can go through, from how to design the app WITHOUT any PROGRAMMING to how to approach a client. we have detailed training lessons for you available in video series as well as .pdf documents
Background & Skills
Yes, seller financing is available.

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