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Country Chicken

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We are specialized on fried chicken, chips, and chicken burger.

The benefit to join us:
1. Well trained personnel and supports

Me and my team are commited to provide the best support that you need.

2. Low start up cost & hassle free

Competitive franchise rate, flexibility on shopping option, goods are all imported and distributed by our company, you will not worry about importing license etc.

3. Perfect know how
We spent long hours in frying chickens and formulating menu and food cost, and of course, we will share with you.

4. Area availability

The first and only outlet is located at Marine Parade Central (East). Therefore, you get to choose where to operate your Country Chicken.

5. Well managed Social Media

Our facebook is well managed and you dont need to spent additional dollars into social media.

6. Seasonal Menu and Flyers 

We have seasonal menu to draw attention and to create better business opportunities for the outlet. Visual aid will be provided and Flyers design will be provided as well.

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