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Jcube Mall (Jurong East) 1 楼店面转让 Ladies Fashion Store For Takeover

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Budget: S$100K - 200K
Preferred Location: Jurong East
Preferred Industry: Apparel Stores

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Jcube Mall (Jurong East) 1 楼店面转让 Ladies Fashion Store for takeover

地方位置佳 人潮多 店面大 1楼服装店面转让 有合约 约满可以再续
1楼店面有 Macdonald Ownday Smiggle Aston 亚坤 Mos Burger Flipflop Suffer Paradise 全部都是大品牌的
而且我们的店面位置就在电梯 门口 手扶梯正前面 旺店 难得的好机会
年轻人 家庭的都很多 商场里面有溜冰场 电影院 每个周末都是一家大小 平日额外还会有上班族和学生等等 有的时侯有溜冰场的比赛等等
1楼也会举办展览 知名优惠卖场 大大小小等等的活动
经营一年 已经有固定的客源和熟客

适合中小型的企业来发展或 刚起步的老板们 我们额外可以提供女装货源 分享经营方式 提供半天的训练(pos system,员工培训)

店面转让不包括出售 招牌-店名(注册的公司),有意者转让前必须自己申请公司和店名等等
转让的原因: 准备回国 不留在新加坡了,所以是打算把自己建立的牌子带回国继续发展。

这间店面的潜力真的很好 位置真的太好 只要好好发挥 还可以开多几家分店。
有兴趣直接联络 please contact whatapps

Ladies Fashion Store for takeover

We are looking to keep our own company and signage (name of the brand), so you need to prepare your own company brand name to takeover the store.

Super good location and the crowd is crowded. Got contract
The 1st floor stores have Macdonald, Ownday, Smiggle, Aston, Yakun, Mos Burger, Flip Flop, Suffer Paradise, fourskin, etc are all big brands.
And our store location is right in front of the escalator, door, elevator.
For weekends, have young people and a lot of families. There is an ice skating rink, cinema in the mall. There are commuters and students on weekdays.
The first floor will also hold exhibitions, well-known concession stores, large and small events, etc.

1 Year of business already have regular customers and new customers always join to be our members.

This is suitable for small and medium-sized companies to develop or for anyone who want get start do their business.
For first time doing their business dont know how to start, we can provide the women's clothing sourcing, share some of the business experience, provide half-day training (pos system, staff training)

The store transfer does not include the sale of signboards - our store name (registered company), interested parties must apply for the company and store name before the transfer shop, etc.

Reasons for the transfer: Preparation for returning to own country and does not remain in Singapore, so it is intended to bring the brand it has established back to the country to continue its development.

Takeover fee : to be disclosed

Serious Buyer only

Suitable for buyers who are keen to run fashion business. As the potential for this shop is excellent.
This is an interesting trade not to be missed.

please contact whatapps
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