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The Mustard Incident

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The Hot Dog Stand & The Rockin' Diner by

The Mustard Incident

" The Mustard Incident (TMI) believes that you deserve to 

discover the dynamism of the World of Gourmet Hot Dogs

and American Diner Cuisine.

At TMI, we take pains to customize the composition of our

sausages, meats, as well as the secret recipe sauces that 

accompany of our HEALTHIER creations. Our bean-less 

Chilli is to die for.

Coming a long way from when Hot Dogs and Diner Food 

was a staple of the working family (our customers ARE our

family), along with Good Olde' American hospitality to 

provide a positive customer dining experience.

TMI endeavour to bring the best possible American Diner

favorites to you.

Dangerously Delicious. Always."

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