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360Solutions Asia

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360Solutions Asia

Business Coaching, Peer Consulting, Mentoring, Assessments, Training & Advisory Boards

Our business has been hot for a long time and getting hotter. While everyone else has been struggling we’ve been doubling our business every year since 2008. We’re now in 25 countries around the world and demand is at a furious rate. If you’ve been thinking about owning a white collar business that will allow you to hobnob with the most influential companies in your community, you should thoroughly investigate how we WILL help you. Our proven systems allow Ordinary Professionals to obtain Extraordinary Results!


In short, we give you everything you need to start, run and build the “GO TO” consulting practice that helps companies increase sales and dramatically improve bottom line profits by using our proven systems and tools to help employees be more efficient and engaged in their company’s vision and mission. The BEST PART is that you don’t have to be an expert in business to be wildly successful in this business. We teach, coach and support you to use our proven systems that enable you to secure more business in less time. We work with you from the vision planning stage, through website design/build, branding of your business, private labeling services for you, and giving you access to cutting edge software that enables you to stand out as the dominate player.


In reality, you’ll get paid to put money back into your client’s pockets! HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT! The main focus of your services is to provide a business owner with a proven process that allows their employees to be better at what they do, so the business owner can do what they do best…RUN THEIR BUSINESS.

Using our state of the art “Client Acquisition Systems,” which does the dirty work by uncovering problem areas your client is having, you’ll enjoy doing what you do best…managing client relationships, training and coaching employees. You’ll schedule employees to participate in your ongoing high energy interactive training workshops, one-on-one coaching, mentoring or working with companies on retainer fees to provide specific consulting using our proven curriculum, assessments and coaching tools. You’ll help business owners educate their biggest assets: their employees.


360 Solutions is internationally recognized with a proven track record of working with companies like P&G, NASA, AT&T, IBM, Exxon, Coach Leather, Hallmark, and hundreds of others. We have assembled an unquestionable combination of innovative get-you-in-the-door services that EVERY company needs and wants. We deliver the dramatic RESULTS that every business owner is looking for, and MOST importantly helping them thrive in business with maximum profits.

With over 100 different programs and multiple streams of income, and the ONLY ROI system in the industry, you will be able to work with your clients for the life of their business. Your referrals, along with our world-class marketing system, will be a never-ending source for your business.


You’ll take care of development skills of your client’s most important asset: their employees. Employees are the largest expense to all businesses but they are also the pivotal ingredient to the future success of every company. Here is your chance to be an integral part of the success of business owners everywhere. Your help will be valued for many years because you’ll be helping them shape and mold their employees to be the solid foundation for many years of consistent growth and success, while allowing the business owner time to focus on what they do best.


We have the industry’s most complete business model for employee training, coaching, consulting and assessments…PERIOD!

  • Work full-time, part-time, anytime…

  • Royalty FREE business…you’ll save millions over owning a franchise

  • Absolutely NO territory restrictions

  • “Private Label” your company so that you build your brand

  • Complete “All Inclusive” business with everything you need

Supporting and Training
360Solutions is committed to your success and gives you numerous advantages so you can build your business and your success. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose 360Solutions. Predictable, residual income – We teach you how. Freedom and flexibility – Enjoy working when and where you desire. 99% of your meetings will be on-site which means you don’t have to have the high overhead of an office unless you choose to. High profits – Our business model includes large profit margins. No restrictions on your business – Unlike a franchise, we let YOU run your business. We don’t put any restrictions on how and where you run your company. Low overhead – Get all the support and products you need for a low Start-up investment. After your initial start up investment, there is no inventory required, no royalties, and no ongoing expense! No royalties – We don’t take a piece of your profits, nor do we require a monthly minimum spend. Work from home – 85% of our strategic partner’s office out of their home. There are tax benefits as well. No territory restrictions – Enjoy working anywhere in the world. We do business where you want to. And if you decide to move… take your business with you! Help others succeed – Be a mentor for others, both personally and professionally. Status – Be a leader in your community. You will be known as the business growth expert! No minimum purchase requirement – Only order what you need. Private-label your products – Brand YOUR business. No inventory – We offer on-demand shipping. Advanced curriculum – Our training and consulting courses are the best in the world and have been used in hundreds of businesses. The 360 community of Strategic Partners helps each other learn and grow – Be a part of a large network of Strategic Partners. Full-time support staff – You are assigned a marketing director to support you in your business and marketing needs. Proven system – Learn our proven system to start, build, and run your own business. Marketing Materials – No need to re-create the wheel. Use our existing marketing materials or we’ll custom create new ones for you. 360 Academy – We offer lifetime tuition for our training events. Our advanced training will teach you how to run a successful business as well as be a dynamic employee training specialist.

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