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Fifo Capital

Available Country: Singapore

Fifo Capital

If you’re looking for a big business opportunity that delivers exceptional returns in a stimulating market, Fifo Capital is the business for you.


A model which has been proven over the past ten years through continual development of franchise performance and market relevance, Fifo Capital’s Master Franchise is an exceptional business opportunity for the right candidate.


Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of the Fifo Capital success story and underpins how we do business as a network of partners. We grow together.


Proven business and returns

Fifo Capital is a fast-growing, global business-finance brand expanding internationally. We provides short-term working capital solutions for small and medium businesses, and high returns for our Franchisees.

Since launching in 2005, we have expanded operations to include representation throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our network has grown to more than 70 successful franchisees with a combined annual turnover of circa. $250 million.

Over the past three years, we have increased turnover by an average of 39 per cent each year.

§  $250 million annual turnover

§  ¾ Billion dollars since start

§  39% annual growth

§  Two countries, 70 franchise mobile offices

§  Smart products

§  Trusted brand

§  Large scalable business

§  Professional, white collar industry

§  Supported by experts

§  Join our New Zealand and Australian Master Franchisee Partners


Our business model is a simple one: develop a channel and distribute product.

The channel

The channel is a network of independent business owners who have invested into a Fifo Capital franchise.

The Master Franchisee promotes the franchise opportunity and attracts enquiry from individual people interested in owning their own business. The Master Franchisee nurtures the enquirer through their due diligence process and at the same time determines if the enquirer is the right fit for Fifo Capital.

Then, the Master Franchisee undertakes initial business training with the new Franchisee and then provides on-going business development support.

The products

Single Factor: A perfect business facility to immediately boost cash flow for the short term situation. Clients sell us an unpaid account receivable (invoice), we pay for it at a discounted rate and wait for the debtor’s full payment. Simple, easy and win-win for all.

Smart Loan: A short term business loan. The Client fee schedule varies depending upon the term of the loan (3-12 months) and the quality of the transaction. A very flexible product capable of fitting most client’s needs.

Flexi-Pay: Flexi-Pay can be regarded as supplier finance. The client sells goods to its customer and offers the customer a payment plan option rather than an upfront full payment. On agreement, the customer enters into a Flexi-Pay loan contract with the Franchisee and repays the loan plus fees over 6, 9 or 12 months. The Franchisee earns fees from both the client and the customer.



Much of the brand’s success is attributed to the business’s close partnership between our office and the Master Franchisee.

The Master Franchisee can expect the following on-going support from us, as a minimum.

Initial training: Held in the country of the Master Franchisee in convenient and professional rooms.

On-site visits: Personal visits providing on the ground support once per quarter (min) then progressing to each half year when warranted.

Strategic meetings: Six-monthly business reviews.

Technology: We administer and maintain the global CMS software.

Global Master Franchisee Partner meetings: A monthly Skype meeting of global Master Franchisees.

Telephone: Open telephone support with us and other country Master Franchisee’s.

Marketing collateral and resources: On behalf of the Master Franchisee, we manage a comprehensive programme to create brand awareness, drive engagement with new Franchisees, business clients and referral partners. Examples of what we produce for Master Franchisee's follow - this is just a snippet.



Initial Master Franchise investment is intentionally low

We are focused on partnering with the most capable people in each country we enter, and then making their business as successful as possible.

Supporting Documentation

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Detail Informaiton

Capital Required

SGD50K - 100K

Liquid Required

SGD100K - 200K

Financing Assistance

To be discussed with the candidate.

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