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Gigas Labs

Available Country: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Gigas Labs
GIGAS LABS PTE LTD came about from one of the four main species of horseshoe crab called TACHYPLEUS GIGAS. It’s the species that is being housed, nursed and well taken care of in the farm at Neo Tiew Lane, Singapore. Using a unique system and technology under the supervision and consultation by GILLS N CLAWS PTE LTD which is the vertical farming. Gigas Labs main aim is to overcome a major obstacle currently in the blood extraction industry. And have found a way which will not only provide sustainable TAL blood high in quality which will be helpful for the pharmaceutical industry, it’s also in safe manner which will not affect the horseshoe crabs health.
For further inquiries, please contact Mr.Maran at or call +65 85263822/ +65 66452850

Gigas Labs main aim to venture in this industry is to not only provide sustainable high quality TAL blood to the pharmaceutical industry to help improve the medicinal needs of all living beings, also to make sure the TACHYPLEUS GIGAS is kept from extinction. As per reports their natural habitats are also slowly being destroyed. Hence under the expert consultation of Gills N Claws both companies are using vertical farming to house these tachypleus gigas. Gills N Claws are currently successfully using the vertical farming methods for the Sri Lankan Mud Crabs with very impressive results and high praise reviews. The farm is based in Singapore. With a slight tweak to already running system now the tachypleus gigas are kept in good suitable conditions as close to their natural habitat as possible which not makes them live normally, its also fed with feed which is in-house made which keeps the horseshoe crab in a healthy condition.

Currently for the pharmaceutical industries fisherman go out to sea and capture as many tachypleus gigas as they can then its transported to labs which normally takes up to 24hrs more or less. The tachypleus gigas are kept under observation for a few hours, than the blood is extracted. Once all the tachypleus gigas have been extracted, they are than observed again for no abnormal signs. They are transported back to the ocean. This whole process takes a huge toll on the tachypleus gigas. Which in turn will have the effect of a huge mortality rate. Ultimately not only cause a species which has been around for millions of years to be extinct, it also will have drastic effect on the pharmaceutical industry

This is where Gigas Labs came in the picture with help from Gills N Claws. Now in the same farm area not only the horseshoe crabs are kept safely and comfortably. The labs are a stone throw away. So Gigas Labs procedures will reduce risk, stress levels and also improve blood quality for the tachypleus gigas. These improvements are due to improving the lifestyle of the horseshoe crab. As such measures are taken both the pharmaceutical industry will be well operated and the species of Tachypleus gigas will not be under immediate danger of extinction.

For further inquiries, please contact Mr.Maran at or call +65 85263822/ +65 66452850

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