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School Of Attitude

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School Of Attitude

About Us,

The School of Attitude was born in Singapore, the best in class, the best in quality, the best in attitude-building, the best in creativity and innovation in life skills, employability skills and emotional intelligence and its identity is author Siva Chippada.


Attitude is everything and everywhere; it is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is required of everyone. Siva Chippada aims at attitude, certitude, correctitude, exactitude, fortitude, multitude, promptitude and rectitude. It is our lofty goal to make sure that the vastitude of knowledge progresses day by day, month by month, and year by year to beatitude. During the course his aptitude is identified. It has helped him travel through his thoughts and ideas to the maximum altitude to fulfill his passion, creativity and innovation to benefit people around the world.


Gratitude has been received in plentitude from organizations like NLB (National Library of Singapore), WDA (Workforce Development of Singapore), SICCI (Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Principals, Deans, CEOs, Doctorates, Advocates, Inspectors, Psychiatrist, Editors, Directors from several organisations for the work he has done for last 28 years.


Siva Chippada is the author of Life is an Asset, Life is an Asset – Revised, Your Satisfaction is Your Success, Your Satisfaction is Your Success-Revised, Invest in Yourself, Open Up Your Mind and future books Who Is A Right Leader and Life Dictionary


School of Attitude is a place of opportunities, clarity, secrets and wonders to tune our attitude in the right direction without anyone’s support.  Our training is designed for everyone from students to principal, employees to chairman, devotees to religious leaders, politicians to country leaders, professionals to scientists, thieves to freedom fighters.  Also School of Attitude training may change the attitude of thieves, rapists, killers and even terrorists!


Fact: Our brain is working in multidimensional ways, but our education system is globally designed in a 1D / 2D / 3D / 4D dimensional way.  That is the reason for all miscommunications, misunderstanding, mismanagements, miscalculations and misconceptions that happen among the people; whether it will be between students and teachers, people and companies, employees and employers, people and religion, people and politicians or people and country leaders.


Without attending the School of Attitude training, if you read any other books, or attend any training like soft skills, personality development or leadership programme, they will not be effective since the School of Attitude training provides the core basic foundational course for every person on this planet.


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  1. Professional Atitude Certificate

  2. Professional Attitude Certified Trainer

  3. Professional Attitude Certified Leader Advanced

  4. Creatied Creative Professional


Life Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Employability Skillls

Creativity and Innovation

Our syllabus is creative and extraordinary, proven by doctors, psychologist, advocates, principals, deans, doctorates, editors, press press reporters, businessmen, writters, authors and police inspectors.






Government Organisation





Life is an Asset Pte. Ltd. Copyrights @ 2015 

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Life Skills, Employability skills, Emotional Intelligence and Creativity and Innovation
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