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SNEX Business Programme

Available Country: Singapore

SNEX Business Programme

SNEX Business Programme is designed and packaged to help aspiring entrepreneur to start a profitable business with PROFITS guaranteed!

Our programme guarantees you a REAL Business upon completion of your training. This could be the only business programme that helps you kick-start a business with no experience and investment outlay. If you have 5 days, then you can be on your way to learning a high demand skill and earning from it. 


SNEX Business Programme gurantees you a REAL BUSINESS with the attributes of BUSINESS A B C.

A business shouldn’t be so complicated that it becomes confusing. Otherwise, you’ll end up focusing on how to run a business instead of making the business grow! We’ve made it easy for anyone with passion and discipline to own, run and grow a successful business. We do it by keeping in mind the simple ABC’s of Business.

A= Acceleration

The world moves at a faster pace now. If it takes too long to build something up, chances are, the opportunity has already gone by. Being early to market to make the first sales are the first keys to establishing success.

B= Bankability

It takes money to make money. And we all know money doesn’t grow on trees. For a business to be successful, it needs to make a healthy return for every dollar you spend on building the business.

C= Continuity

Finally, a successful business is one that has staying power. Nobody trusts a fly-by-night operation where it’s here one day and gone the next. Businesses need to be sustainable and continuous to develop a loyalty among customers who will come back not only to buy again, but to bring you more customers.

All three principles lie at the heart of every SNEX Business Programme. We will not only teach the technical, production and management skills of running each business module, we will also arm you with principles of how to get your business running right away, make it profitable and sustainable for the long term.


We currently offers 6 types of SNEX Businesses for our partners to choose from:

  1. SNEXPrint - Printing Training Programme

  2. SNEXApps - Mobile Apps Training Programme

  3. SNEXTees - Tshirt Printing Training Programme

  4. SNEXWeb - Website Development Training Programme

  5. SNEXGifts - Personalised Gift Business Training Programme

  6. SNEXLikes - Facebook Marketing (Likes) Training Programme


Our SNEX Business Programme focuses on imparting "trade secret" by gurus of the businesses covering the technical and business know-how. These are extremely valuable information and skill sets to the new entree. Furthermore, our programme is ZERO risk and has GUARANTEED returns. Let money WORK for you.

Interested to find out more? Simply drop us an email at and we will arrange a one-on-one meeting with you for a business preview. 

P.S. We may have some special deals during the business preview. So, bring your cheque book along.

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Aspiring entrepreneurs with an open mind.
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SGD50K - 100K

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SGD5K - 10K

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