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David ECD

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RICH Pte Ltd

Specialised Areas

My specialisation is simple:
Get the best price possible for my clients whether they are buying or selling!

This will include negotiating well, watching and alerting of potential 'skeletons in the closet', and making sure everything moves forward smoothly and effectively.

Simple. My clients first.

Broker Profile

I am a straight-up and nice guy who genuinely likes helping people, and wants to create win-win situations for clients. I assist my clients in their business-related needs. If my clients are happy, then I am truly happy. I work hard to ensure that they have a peace of mind when I am on the job handling their property related matters.

I genuinely place your interests first. Even above my own. Professional etiquette demands it. Why? Because I strive to be your partner.

Businesses For Sale 1 businesses

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    Central Area

    Western Restaurants

    • Monthly Revenue: S$110,000
    • Monthly Net Profit: S$11,646
    • Rental: S$30,000
    Why do business owners love me? I will protect your investment in the business by placing the proper value on your business, finding the right buyer, getting you the best price possible, protecting the confidentiality of the sale, handling all negotiations, ensuring that all transactions are lega...
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    Look For Partner

Businesses Sold 1 businesses

  • Bukit Timah


    • Monthly Revenue: N/A
    • Monthly Net Profit: N/A
    • Rental: S$4,800
    (Kindly note: this is an asset acquisition. Only the assets of the company and business are for sale.) This children's playground is based at Bukit Timah Plaza. The partners set up this business but are now looking to move on to other bigger business opportunities. Thus, the reason for sale....
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