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Specialised Areas

Education (Childcare, Kindy, PreSchool, Enrictment, Tuition, Int'l School, Language Ctrs, Training Sch, CPE (Erf & Edutrust), SSG, WDA etc
FnB (Cafe, Restn, Eating House, Food Court, etc

Broker Profile

About KESH & BizMerger
KESH Muthu, is the principal Consultant of BizMerger. He is qualified as a Management Accountant (CIMA, UK) and has a multi-belonging to countries of Malaysia, UK, India, Vietnam & Singapore due to his birth, citizenship, education, working and residence.
KESH has more than 25 years of working experience from a humble beginning as a property & insurance agent to Admin-Exec, Accountant, Finance Manager, Senior Manager, GM (Operations) and thereafter venturing till now onto property agency, business consultancy and business ventures.
BizMerger is into Business-Ventures like Takeovers and its related Business-Services. Whereas in property, his experience includes property management, sales & purchase, lease, and investment ventures!
Generally, BizMerger focus on businesses & services in Singapore, though other cities are considered if it’s found feasible. Whereas, the investors, operators, buyers, owners may come from any part of the world, especially from SEA, India, China & UK.
KESH has the necessary qualification, experience, network, ability and skills. He is matured and has good busines acumen with multi facet experience in business, accounting, operations, negotiation, management, consulting, and business ventures. He has transacted dozens of takeovers. KESH offers an unique proposition of multi-belonging, command of languages, exposure to regional engagement and accessibility enables him to undertake the business deals and services effectively.
KESH prefers to deal in good faith and independently ensuring all parties win unlike the conventional agent basis that validates the rules of “buyer beware”. KESH is passionate, keen, and confident to undertake assignments of mutual interest providing values to their clients.
BizMerger is continually seeking to expand directly or by venture with the related professionals and parties! Currently, it’s upgrading its Website and expected to be re-hosted in couple of weeks.

Services of BizMerger
• Buy or Sell Businesses
• Assignment of a Biz
• Funding or Investment
• Joint Ventures, etc
• Biz-Valuation,
• Biz-Plan,
• Cash-flow,
• Drafting-Agreement,
• assisting in M&A services
• assist towards SGX listing.

The common Biz Types
• Schools, Kindy, etc
• FnB-outlets,
• Hotels, etc
• Minimarts
• Pharmacies,
• IT-firms,
• Security-firms OR
• any worthy businesses. UEN-53091826M/ +65-9009-9036/

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