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13% Interest Per annum for investing in Health tech Company

Ang Mo Kio

Asking Price: S$10,000
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Looking for like minded team members and investors


Dear Angel Investors, we are a tech company that has started close to 18 months for now.

Due to private and confidential reasons, I will try to share as much information as possible. Before we start, everyone knows about the Covid-19 pandemic situations. A lot of businesses and companies had folded and gone bankrupt. We are in a resetting mode. As a matter of fact, 2021 will prove to be tougher than 2020 and the aftermath will continue to have its toll on many others.

In such a crisis, if you are looking for opportunities, which kind of industries should you be looking for since 80% of the industries are going through a recession.

There is one thing to recognize. Whether you can make big money, sometimes it has nothing much to do with your ability. Making small money depends on ability, and making big money often depends on trends. To put it bluntly, this trend is the industry. 

For example, the real estate industry which has made the most money in the past ten years, has brought about ten folds or higher profit. What does that mean? When the trend comes, you don't need to have too many abilities. Many people who had invested in real estates had made their life time of money easily. 

Hence it’s extremely important to choose the right direction for the business, because making a big windfall or making small money are both hard and difficult. If you open an F&B stall to make money, it’s not necessarily easier than an SME. They both require  the same hard work, but the result can come out to be completely different. 

At this time, the big picture and the big trend are both very important. As long as you do a little better, there will always be opportunities for the overall market upward trend. In some industries, no matter how much effort you put into it, you are actually destined to fail. 

有件事得认,能否赚大钱和你能力没太大关系, 赚小钱看能力,赚大钱看趋势。这个趋势说白了就是行业。

比如说,过去十多年赚钱最多的房地产行业, 带来的价格变化是十倍甚至更高,那说明了什么呢?当趋势来临的时候,你并不需要具备太多的能力,很多人稀里糊涂买了房,然后稀里糊涂地就赚到了钱。


这个时候,大格局大趋势就显得非常重要, 市场整体向上的机会,只要做的稍微好点,总还是有机会的,而有些行业,你再怎么做,其实都注定了最终的结果都不会好。


The 5 most important trend in 2021 accordingly to research are as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Banking Institutions for loans and wireless payments 

  3. Virtual Reality

  4. Health & Wellness

  5. World Wide Elderly Issues

We started on our journey due to an important need of the industry; in order to solve an imminent problem. Our industry in fact involved 4 of the major trends predicted by Analysts above which are AI, VR, Health and wellness and elderly issues.

Our achievements so far: We have 5000+ users in Singapore and 16,000+ users in the south east asia after operating without much funding for the past 18 months. We are officially looking to launch our site in March 2021. Now, even without launching we already have our own members using our own site.

Our facebook: 21k+ members

IG: 10k+ memebrs

We are currently looking to expand on our user base hence we are looking for investment injections.

If you are keen to find out, please reach out to us at no obligations. We are not agents, we do not hard sell. We are not here to get your money, we are here as a team to make money for all of us. We are on the same page, we just wish to combine our strength and forte together and leverage on it. 

Just reach us to us and we will share more information about our platform to you. Thank you and stay safe, stay resilient.

"Go fast, go alone, go far, go together"


Latest Updates:

Dear friends,

We have received alot of inquiries about who we are and what we are doing and how we do it.

We have prepared 2 videos in order to share more information about the company to see if we have the same vibe here.

Lets admit it, you are definitely more keen in certain sectors and not just in any industry or company.

So you can decide if you are keen to invest or work with us. 

Video Part 1

Video Part 2


Throughout this period, we have also secured IT grant from the Govt in supporting our company. However as we know for govt grant, we will need to pay first before they reimburse us the money.

Apart from needing the funds for the grant, some of the premium services that we had launched had received really good response. We will need to engage full time staff in order to meet the demand and grow our revenue.

If you are keen in our company, please sign up at and join us and exprience our site first.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to PM us for more info.



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