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成立已久的4年ERF的私立教育学院 Established 4 Year Erf Private Education Institute

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Asking Price: S$500K - 1M
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Reason For Sale

寻找投资者接管许可证 Finding investors to take over license


1. This Private Education Institute (PEI) has the 4 Year ERF License, which allows it to apply for EduTrust Certification Immediately.
1. 这家私立教育学院(PEI)拥有4年ERF许可证,允许立即申请EduTrust认证。

2. This PEI has more than 3 Years of its 4 Year ERF License left as it just got renewed this year 2023.
2. 这家PEI的4年ERF许可证还剩下超过3年时间,因为它在今年2023年刚刚续签了。

3. Good Quality established PEI with more than 100 local students currently
3. 这家PEI是一家质量良好的成熟教育学院,目前有100多名本地学生。

4. Owners are willing to stay in the business and assist with operations and attaining EduTrust for next 2 to 3 years if required.
4. 如果需要的话,业主愿意在未来2到3年内继续经营并协助取得EduTrust认证。

5. Potential to get EduTrust and to bring in foreign students which can grow the Company.
5. 这家私立教育学院有潜力获得EduTrust认证、可吸引外国学生以及是可发展的公司。

6. Will bring in Partner - whom will assist in getting EduTrust for new owner
6. 收购后,将引入合作伙伴来协助新业主获得EduTrust认证。

7. Selling it at reasonable price - as EduTrusted PEIs are all very expensive now (over 3million SGD easily)
7. 以合理的价格出售 - 因为现在的EduTrust PEIs都非常昂贵(最少超过300万新币 3 Million SGD。

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