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Automotive. Water power engine for bike, car, boat, power generator without fuel

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Dear Esteemed Investor,
I am an accomplished engineer, specializing in electronics and engine systems, with a burning passion for research and development. My journey began in 2006 in the realm of hydrogen system design. Since then, my innovative products have reached customers across the globe, including the USA, Israel, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and beyond.
Despite the successful sales of several units, I encountered challenges in the sales domain, leading to a pause in the manufacturing of the hydrogen system. However, my unwavering dedication to R&D has sparked a groundbreaking vision: vehicles powered solely by water. My ambition is to develop a prototype for a car and a bike that operate exclusively on water, with the ultimate goal of launching a unique car brand that stands as a testament to sustainable innovation.
This revolutionary concept proposes the operation of the engine and power generator using only water, thereby eliminating the need for traditional fuels. I am currently seeking financial backing to bring this vision to life. I am more than willing to share further details about the design at a subsequent stage.
Enclosed is a link to one of my patented inventions, the Anti Ice Skidding Apparatus, a testament to my innovative prowess. I have also included photos of the hydrogen system that I have constructed and sold to various countries.
If this opportunity resonates with your investment interests and you wish to explore further, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via call or email.
I appreciate your consideration of this investment opportunity. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of joining forces with you to spearhead a revolution in sustainable transportation, making our world a better place for future generations.

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