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待售教育信托(Edutrust) 私立教育学院 / 学校清单 List Of Edutrust Peis / Schools For Sale

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  • Premise Type Office Building
  • Premise Size N/A
  • Monthly Rental N/A
  • Rental Desposit N/A
  • Revenue N/A
  • Liability N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A
  • Net Profit N/A
  • Stock N/A
  • FFE N/A
  • Payable N/A
  • Receivable N/A
  • Owner Role Full Time
  • Staff N/A
  • Established N/A
  • Source Broker

Reason For Sale

寻找有意在新加坡开展教育业务的投资者 Finding investors that want to start Education Business in Singapore


1. Largest data-base of 4 Year ERF, EduTrust, ATO Private Education Institutes (PEIs) for sale (currently at 8 listings) in Singapore
1. 拥有新加坡最大的4年ERF、EduTrust、ATO私立教育学院(PEIs)数据库出售清单(目前有8个列表)

2. We work directly with the owners / shareholders of the PEIs. There are no intermediary Agents involved.
2. 我们直接与PEIs的业主/股东合作,没有中间代理人参与。

3. Range of sale price ranges from below $1million SGD to $50million SGD
3. 销售价格范围从新币1百万 ($1 million SGD) 以下到5千万新币 ($50 million SGD)不等。

4.Work with us to understand your requirements and we will link you up with the correct PEI / School
4. 与我们合作,了解您的需求,我们将为您与合适的PEI / 学校建立联系。

5. Initial round of screening will be provided to ensure that relevant and correct buyers are linked up
5. 我们将提供初步筛选,以确保与相关和正确的买家建立联系。

6. Working closely with compliance partners that can give advice on license - ERF and EduTrust
6. 与合规合作伙伴紧密合作,可以提供建议 - ERF和EduTrust许可证。

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