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Exciting Business Opportunity In Novel Health & Wellness Products

Central AreaHealth Care and FitnessWholesale and Distribution
Asking Price: S$199
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Lee Yi Heng
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Reason For Sale

Not Selling. Looking for Active Working Partners for Distribution / Referrals in network marketing


Looking for Partners:
- Serious, driven individuals looking to monetize their audience, following, circle, and/or network through network marketing sales.
- Serious, driven individuals what want to use this opportunity in network marketing to get into sales.

Who am I?
- I'm a dedicated distributor of health supplements in a network marketing company, focused on expanding my sales and downlines through a binary system. Join my team to build a career and earn substantial residual income through our structured growth system.
- My Direction: I want to focus on business growth, leading with a performance-oriented approach that prioritizes structured growth and substantial financial rewards in network marketing. This path is ideal for ambitious individuals eager to advance their careers through dedicated, strategic sales of our innovative health supplements. Let's excel together in this dynamic and rewarding industry.

Product Highlights:
- Health supplements (nutraceuticals) developed by certified clinical researcher Dr. Zul O Curran, carefully formulated with anti-aging and longevity in mind. Many of our customers often note a heightened sense of well-being when using these products.
*DISCLAIMER: The supplements mentioned are intended to support overall wellness and are not claimed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This advertisement is not offering medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Additionally, this advertisement does not provide medical advice and should not be construed as such in any discussions with customers or within their marketing materials.
- Self-Development Workshops: Spearheaded by leaders passionate about both business success and personal growth, including workshops on TikTok marketing conducted by our CEO, Iris Koh, these workshops cover effective communication, leadership skills, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial mindset development. Specifically designed for network marketers, they equip you to expand your professional network and enhance sales effectiveness.

My Experience:
- Having personally used and benefited from these supplements and motivated by my positive experience, I am eager to expand these benefits to a broader audience while building my financial independence.

Benefits of Joining:
- Direct Earnings: Earn direct commissions on the product and package sales.
- Build Residual Income Stream: Enroll package buyers as members. When they go on to enroll their referrals as members, you will receive further indirect commissions.
- No Maximum Cap on Binary Rewards: Many other network marketing companies limit distributors to earning their residual income from a certain number of tiers under them and no further. With us, you earn residual income from all members recruited by you and those they have recruited. There is no hard limit to growing your residual income.
- Extremely Low Startup Cost: Begin your journey with us for under $200, offering an affordable entry into a promising financial opportunity in health and wellness.
- Personal AI-assistant: Benefit from a cutting-edge AI assistant when handling health-related queries from your sales leads. This tool ensures quick, accurate responses, enhances audience engagement, reduces headaches in responding to product-related questions, and gives you more time to focus on attracting new customers.
- Personal and Career Development: Unlimited access to various one-day workshops on sales, social media marketing, and other skills with more courses to come. Build your skills for your business now and in the future.
- Flexibility and Support: Work at your own pace in a collaboration-focused environment. Can be a sideline business and income. Your success is our success, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Contact Information:
- Interested in joining? Enquire with me with your name and phone number (must have WhatsApp). I will contact you via whatsapp to arrange a meet-up and discuss this unique opportunity to enhance both your health and financial future.
*Note to Potential Partners: This opportunity is based on sales performance and market conditions. Success as a distributor requires effort and commitment. Results may vary, and there are no guaranteed outcomes.
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