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Find Angel Investor - Cash Injection + Takeover Capital Shareholder For Ai-Assisted Childcare Centre

SembawangChildcare and Kindergarten
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  • Established 2023
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Reason For Sale

Capital shareholder's limited funding capacity


With six years of experience in preschool education, we launched our "Test of Concept (TOC)" preschool in January 2024. This initiative aims to blend individualized educational experiences with small class sizes (6-8 per level). Our TOC preschool follows a three-stage strategy:

Fill to Capacity: Achieve full enrollment, refining processes with teachers and students to ensure effective implementation of individualized education.
Expand: After validating our model, we plan to scale to a larger facility with a higher capacity, using our established educational processes.
Data-Driven AI Technologies: Utilize collected data to develop AI-assisted tools specifically designed for childcare centers, enhancing personalized learning experiences.
Our goal is to enhance the preschool experience by integrating AI technologies to:

Enhance Parental Communication: Streamline updates on each child's progress.
Facilitate Documentation: Automate capturing and tagging student activities to create personalized learning journeys.
Reduce Administrative Burden: Minimize teachers' paperwork, allowing more focus on student engagement.
Support Lesson Planning: Suggest personalized activities for weekly lesson plans and source new ideas.
We are not building a technology company but leveraging AI to improve preschool operations, addressing the longstanding issue of teacher workload. We aim to run profitable brick-and-mortar preschools with a technology arm in an industry that traditionally lags in tech adoption.

The Challenge:
We are a husband and wife team managing the preschool's operations. Our capital comes from a sleeping shareholder who owns 49% of the company. Due to personal issues, this partner is unable to fulfill their capital obligation and is requesting a buyout. As our preschool is in its infancy and projected to break even in 6-9 months, we need a cash injection for the next few months. This presents an excellent opportunity for an angel investor who believes in our vision and wants to invest in a preschool that combines traditional profitability with AI-assisted technology, offering a unique proposition in the childcare industry.
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