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High Demand Dental Lead Generation Business Cashcow

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Asking Price: S$2,985
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  • Premise Type Work at Home
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  • Monthly Rental S$0
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  • Revenue S$9,000
  • Liability N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A
  • Net Profit S$6,000
  • Stock N/A
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  • Owner Role Full Time
  • Staff 2
  • Established 2019
  • Source Direct Seller

Reason For Sale

Please note we are not selling our business but selling our exact business model


Are you looking for a business that is not only high demand but doesn't take time away from your life?
Are you looking for a business that is not only easy to run but can be run from home or anywhere else in the world?

Invisalign is the #1 method Orthodontists use to straighten teeth using clear aligners. It is also mainly one of their top high earning service. That is because it takes very little time for them to administer. On average invisalign costs a patient about $6,000 dollars.

What is the business?
Generating Invisalign leads for Orthodontists.

How do I generate leads?
We use Facebook ads to generate leads which are automatically sent to the Orthodontist. Simply copy and paste our Facebook ads targeting and ad copy.

How do i make money?
After we contact Orthodontists which we find on LinkedIn (best method) when starting; we charge $450/month. $150 of that goes to ad spend. You profit $300/month. Keeping the price low at the beginning allows it to be enticing for most Orthodontists. Over time increase the fee, which means a higher ad spend, which means more leads.

How do we run Facebook ads?
The real skill is in the Facebook ads which we will teach you in an included video and also for one month after your purchase. This is such an easy and hands off business to run, but you must have the basics in place which we teach you and guide you for one full month. Copy and paste, rinse and repeat. With over 60,000 Orthodontists between Canada and the USA, we could never service them all.

How many leads can you generate per month?
This all depends on demographic and city and the targeting and other factors. Generally though the $150/mth ad spend can generate about 25+ leads a month. Orthodontists can increase the ad spend and get a lot more. They can spend say $1K/mth and be able to get about 240 leads a month.

What am I buying?
We are showing you step by step over the shoulder how our agency finds clients (Orthodontists) and how we run Facebook ads. We show you how we automatically send the leads to clients and how to automatically get paid straight to your square account or Paypal.

Our staff will dedicate up to one full month of support via Phone, Text, Skype or Zoom. Our goal is simply to duplicate what we have done. Our goal is to have you succeed as we have and be able to scale by way of referrals from current clients. Nothing more and nothing less.

There are so many cities and states it would be next to impossible to serve them all. Here is where you come in.

How many clients can I get?
You can easily get 5 clients to work with in less than 2 months. Which is more than you will need to build this business. After your first client or two you scale by asking for referrals. Again, Orthodontists know and hang out with other Orthodontists.

This is a very high margin type business. For every dollar spent in Facebook ads you will cashflow $2.

For now, we are accepting seven (7) individuals. This will enable us to give our full attention for the full month so that you are succeeding as soon as possible.

You must have a laptop or computer and be comfortable using one. You must also be willing to create a LinkedIn account and secondary have a Facebook account. A beautiful done website will also be included so you hit the ground running.

This is a business as any other so you must be willing to invest the time and patience and also be coach-able and teachable. It is not a hard business to run but it does require effort.

*Note a Service Agreement must be signed prior to starting. (Quick and easy via E-sign)

Business Operation

Business is home based and can be ran from anywhere in the world. Must have high speed internet.
There is very little competition online. We are a niche within a niche. Not only do we generate leads for Orthodontists but specifically for Invisalign. Which is a very high ticket item for them.
Scale by getting referrals from existing clients. That is the easiest way to scale.
Expansion Potential
We will hold you by the hand and train, coach, teach and guide you for up to 30 days. However we will start be available to support thereafter. We are in this together. You will receive video training and pdf training which is short and simple and explains every step of how we run and operate our agency.
Support and Training
We will teach you all skills needed.
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