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(Expired)High Potential Returns on Green Technology in Emissions in Automobile. Patented. Super Engine Power.

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  • Premise Type Office Building
  • Premise Size 495 sqft / 46 sqm
  • Monthly Rental S$1,000
  • Rental Desposit S$1,000
  • Revenue N/A
  • Liability N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A
  • Net Profit N/A
  • Stock N/A
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  • Payable N/A
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  • Owner Role Full Time
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  • Source Direct Seller

Reason For Sale

Looking for investors for both local and global commercialization of the Green Technology product in Emissions


Grentec Eco Pte Ltd, with headquarter in Singapore, strives to create greener and safer environment by making more EFFICIENT automobiles solution through our compelling technologies. Our product drastically reduces emissions. It gives superpower to the engine and saves fuel.
Please contact us at 9449.1865 to discuss your business prospects.
We will send you more details.
1) Save Money
Up to 40% fuel saving.
Easy and fast to install, <15 mins.
Our Vision:
2) Protect the Environment
Up to 99% Reduction for NOx Pollutant.
Totally reduce diesel black smoke.
Our Mission:
3) More efficient engine
Boost power (up to 20%).
Engine self cleaning.
Minimise engine overhaul and maintenance.
A must for every petrol or diesel driven vehicles.
Very suitable for Cars, Lorries, Buses, Boats, Generators etc.
With > 5 years R&D and our solution : The Emission Super Reducer.
The Emission Reducer can address the challenges faced by car makers, governments, transportation corporates, environmental and health aspect.
Emission Reducer, (Fuel Reducer), is:
Patented product.
1st in the world in its kind.

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