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High-Value Acquisition: Leaders In Petroleum And Finance!

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Asking Price: S$30,000,000(Neg.)
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Reason For Sale

Owner Retiring


Leading ENERGY Distribution & Financial Solutions!


We have been a cornerstone in Singapore’s petroleum industry for the past 10 years. We provide a wide range of diesel-related products and equipment, catering primarily to B2B customers and acting as a key distributor for various businesses. Our unique value proposition lies in its ability to secure supplies directly from major oil suppliers, complemented by our consultancy services that offer tailored solutions to clients. Our logistics are bolstered by a fleet of vehicles and strategically located self-collection points, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Recognised as one of the top 10 suppliers in Singapore and certified, we are well-positioned for growth and international expansion.

What sets Us apart?
1. Direct Supply Chain from Oil Majors
2. Strategic Logistics and Fleet
3. Comprehensive Consultancy Services
4. Certification

Reasons To Acquire Us:
1. Access to High-Quality Petroleum Products: Acquiring us means securing a direct supply from major oil producers, ensuring consistent product quality and availability. This reduces dependency on intermediaries and enhances supply chain reliability, providing a competitive advantage.

2. Expansion Potential: Our scalable business model and international clientele offer significant growth opportunities, including franchising overseas. New ownership can leverage established relationships and market expertise to expand into new regions, increasing revenue streams.

3. Comprehensive Services: The combination of product distribution and consultancy services creates a robust business model that caters to diverse client needs. This dual approach enhances customer loyalty and provides multiple revenue avenues, ensuring business resilience and adaptability.

4. Strong Market Position: Being one of the top suppliers in Singapore, we enjoy brand recognition and customer trust. This market position facilitates easier client acquisition and retention, driving sustained growth.

5. Operational Efficiency: With a well-maintained fleet and strategic logistics, we ensure timely and efficient service delivery. Operational efficiency translates into lower costs and higher customer satisfaction, enhancing profitability.


COMPANY #2: Entails 3 entities

Entity #1 - Unified IT Solutions for Seamless Business Operations.
Entity #2 - Driving Business Success with Custom Financing.
Entity #3 - Empowering Financial Growth with Proven Lending Solutions.

What sets Us apart?
1. Licensed Money Lending
2. Diverse Financial Services
3. Integrated IT Solutions
4. Strategic Location
5. Established Market Presence

Reasons To Acquire Us:
1. Unique Market Position: Its money lender's licensed status in a restricted market presents a rare opportunity for secure and profitable financial services. This exclusivity protects against competition and ensures a steady flow of high-margin business, providing a reliable income source.

2. Comprehensive Financial Solutions: The company’s diverse offerings in lending and financial services cater to a wide range of business needs. This diversity allows for cross-selling and integrated solutions, increasing client value and revenue potential.

3. Tech-Driven Efficiency: Entity #1 IT solutions enhance internal operations and provide scalable technology for future growth. Efficient IT systems reduce operational costs and support business scalability, making the group adaptable to market changes.

4. Established Client Base: A long-standing presence and strategic location ensure a loyal customer base and consistent business flow. The established clientele provides a stable revenue foundation, reducing the risks associated with customer acquisition.

5. Growth and Innovation Potential: Opportunities for international expansion, revitalisation of financial services, and the commercialisation of IT solutions present clear paths for enhancing value and market presence. The acquisition enables the new owner to implement growth strategies that leverage existing strengths while exploring new avenues for innovation, ensuring that the group remains competitive and forward-thinking in a dynamic market environment.
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