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Hydrogen power car.新设计氢动力车辆

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I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Lim Hwee Beng, and I am a passionate innovator in the field of sustainable transportation. Over the past two decades, I have dedicated my expertise to designing groundbreaking hydrogen fuel-saving devices for the automotive industry.
The Journey So Far

Since 2006, I have successfully developed and refined a hydrogen fuel machine that significantly enhances fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines. Through rigorous testing and real-world applications, my design has consistently achieved savings ranging from 10% to an impressive 40%. These results have been independently verified and proven.
Licensing Success

I had the privilege of licensing my innovative design to an esteemed Indian company. The contract, duly notarized by the Indian government, reflects the value and potential of this technology. The licensing fee of close to S$500,000.00 underscores the transformative impact of hydrogen-based solutions in the automotive sector.

The Next Frontier: Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles
Now, I am embarking on an exciting new venture—to build hydrogen-powered motorcycles and cars. Within a maximum timeframe of 18 months, I aim to create vehicles that seamlessly transition between petrol and hydrogen modes. Here’s the blueprint:
1. Hydrogen Motorcycle:
o No modifications required—simply install my hydrogen device alongside a custom-built power management control system.
o Riders will experience the thrill of emission-free travel without compromising performance.
2. Hydrogen Car:
o A straightforward modification involves integrating my hydrogen device and a new power management control.
o Drivers can choose between fully petrol, semi-petrol (mixed mode), or fully hydrogen gas operation.

Our Shared Vision
I believe that hydrogen holds the key to a cleaner, greener future. By harnessing its potential, we can reduce emissions, enhance energy security, and pave the way for sustainable mobility. Together, let’s drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles.
I look forward to connecting with you to explore collaboration opportunities, share insights, and contribute to a more environmentally conscious world.
Thank you for your time, and I remain committed to advancing the frontiers of clean energy.


授权成功: 我有幸将我的创新设计授权给了一家印度公司。这份合同经过印度政府公证,体现了这项技术的价值和潜力。授权近50万新加坡元的授权费用凸显了氢基解决方案在汽车行业中的变革性影响。

下一个前沿:氢动力车辆 现在,我正在着手一个令人兴奋的新项目——建造氢动力摩托车和汽车。在最长18个月的时间内,我计划创建可以无缝切换燃油和氢气模式的车辆。以下是蓝图:
1. 氢动力摩托车:
o 无需进行任何修改,只需将我的氢气装置安装在定制的电力管理控制系统旁边
o 骑手将体验到零排放出行的激动人心的感觉,而不会影响性能。
2. 氢动力汽车:
o 简单的修改包括将我的氢气装置与新的电力管理控制系统集成。
o 驾驶员可以选择完全使用燃油、半燃油(混合模式)或完全使用氢气。
我们共同的愿景 我相信氢气是实现更清洁、更绿色未来的关键。通过利用其潜力,我们可以减少排放,增强能源安全,并为可持续出行铺平道路。让我们一起推动创新,加速氢动力车辆的采用。


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