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Increase 20-30% Revenue Now

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Increase 20-30% Revenue Now
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Company Background

At Cyvier, we are business owners and therefore, we understand the pain and difficulties of running an SME in Singapore. Our mission is to empower our customers and enable them to stay ahead of the competition through the various channels at our fingertips.

Our mission – Elevate Business to the Next Level

Identifying Problems

Failure effort in marketing upscale
As in all successful businesses, the business has a specific target group of clients, however, systemic failures of the marketing and sales departments of the entity discourage the entity from reaching out and closing prospects.

Marketing and sales are not aligned
Unable to synergize the sales point and marketing channels to collaborate and complement one another. Lack of marketing efforts and a planned strategy to provide qualified leads to help drive sales

No organic web traffic to support sales
Some businesses do not have an online presence where they are visible to the market. This is absolutely critical in the age of digitalization that we now live in. Without a media presence, the business entity risks obsoletion. The benefits of having an online platform far outweigh the costs, and in reality, to rely on traditional organic growth (foot traffic) to expand the business would be to expose the company to unnecessary going concerns. We should do well to remember that change is the only constant in our ever-evolving world, and to stand still, would be to move backward.

Poorly trained staff
Poorly trained staff with no foresight, are reactive rather than proactive, with no management values or focus in the long term cause the business to lose value in the long run. The staffs are the pillars of the company. Without a solid foundation, there cannot be a viable business entity.


In this proposal we Cyvier will present a demonstration of how an SME can
increase its revenue by 20-30% with our listed tools;
1. Digitization
2. Telemarketing
3. Referral Affiliation Portal

1. Digitization

We have in belt one of the best SEO Marketers in Singapore that worked with the Top SEO Expert team, specialize in Search engine optimization (SEO) for commercial websites & eCommerce platforms.

To provide the followings digital marketing services;
- Website design
- Social media marketing
- Public social account management
- Search engine marketing (SEM)
- Pay-per click electronic direct email (EDM)
- Facebook/Google adds
- Email marketing
- Data insights and analytics

Cyvier will review your online marketing space concept, to raise or lower your prices based on your online marketing goals, lowering your prices can increase revenues to make up for a lower costing margin. Raising your prices can create wider exposure and create an impactful higher perceived value to result in a sales conversation. Cyvier will take in an in-depth review of your online marketing presence. We will endeavor to come up with a strategy that is tailor-made for your business.

Our digital marketing team will find the appropriate right balance and costings for the task.

2. Telemarketing

We will provide a team of local telemarketers (Singaporeans). These dedicated telemarketers will study, analyze and sell your products the way you want them to be sold. This service will enable your business to access a market that would be otherwise unattainable, and would also serve to boost your sales team’s capacity for market share.

To provide the followings telemarketing scopes;
- Telemarketers’ site visit to business (understanding the business & concepts)
- Generation of cold calling leads & email addresses of targeted industry
- Emailing potential cold prospects 1-2 business days prior to calling
- Conducting calls via accessible live Zoom session
- Converting cold prospects to an interested follow-up sales appointment

Cyvier believes in the power of the human touch, our trained telemarketers will be the bridge matching buyers and sellers, opening your company to new markets. This targeted telemarketing, coupled with our online-centric marketing strategy, would take your business to new heights as consumers get exposed to your brand and your products.

*For many reasons, telemarketing leads remain one of the best means of boosting your sales and revenue. Almost 60% of marketing managers in Fortune 500 companies say telemarketing is “very effective” for leads and customer outreach, and when those who say it is only “effective” that percentage is nearly over 90%.

3. Referral Affiliation Portal

Cyvier will provide an affiliation portal for your business. The affiliate simply promotes your product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they refer. Meanwhile, help to capture the loyalty within your company’s brand. This would enable the business to tap on any affiliate marketing strategies or even to match your consumers with any specific needs that your company can provide. This system would also match agents to your product, in this manner, all aspects of marketing are penetrated.

Cyvier Pte Ltd
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我们的使命 - 将业务提升到一个新的水平
















在本提案中,我们 Cyvier 将展示中小企业如何使用我们列出的工具将其收入增加 20-30%

1. 数字化

2. 电话营销

3. 推荐附属门户



1. 数字化


我们拥有新加坡最好的 SEO 营销人员之一,他们与顶级 SEO 专家团队合作,专注于商业网站和电子商务平台的搜索引擎优化 (SEO)



- 网站设计

- 社交媒体市场营销

- 公共社交账户管理

- 搜索引擎营销 (SEM)

- 按点击付费的电子直接电子邮件 (EDM)

- Facebook/谷歌添加

- 电子邮件营销

- 数据洞察和分析



Cyvier 将审查您的在线营销空间概念,根据您的在线营销目标提高或降低价格,降低价格可以增加收入以弥补较低的成本利润。提高价格可以创造更广泛的曝光率,并创造有影响力的更高感知价值,从而促成销售对话。 Cyvier 将对您的在线营销存在进行深入审查。我们将努力为您的企业制定量身定制的战略。



2. 电话营销





- 电话推销员实地考察业务(了解业务和概念)

- 生成目标行业的冷呼叫线索和电子邮件地址

- 在致电前 1-2 个工作日通过电子邮件发送潜在的冷门潜在客户

- 通过可访问的实时 Zoom 会话进行通话

- 将冷的潜在客户转化为感兴趣的后续销售预约


Cyvier 相信人性化的力量,我们训练有素的电话推销员将成为匹配买家和卖家的桥梁,让您的公司进入新市场。这种有针对性的电话营销与我们以在线为中心的营销策略相结合,随着消费者接触到您的品牌和产品,您的业务将达到新的高度。


*出于多种原因,电话营销线索仍然是提高销售额和收入的最佳方式之一。财富 500 强公司中近 60% 的营销经理表示,电话营销对潜在客户和客户外展非常有效,而那些说它只是有效的人,这一比例接近 90%


3. 推荐附属门户


Cyvier 将为您的企业提供附属门户。联盟会员只是推广您的产品,并从他们推荐的每笔销售中赚取一部分利润。同时,帮助在贵公司的品牌中获得忠诚度。这将使企业能够利用任何联盟营销策略,甚至将您的消费者与您的公司可以提供的任何特定需求相匹配。该系统还会将代理商与您的产品进行匹配,以这种方式渗透到营销的各个方面。

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