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Investors Wanted(AAV Transport Tech)


Asking Price: S$100,000,000,000
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Syed khairil
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Reason For Sale

R&D Stage


Big project with involve many authority and will market as the future mode of transport in the world. Futuristic mode of transport, at the stage of Research and Development of air traffic and collaborate with our latest technology and product. Product have been build with latest technology that require a command center in every country. Basically we are focusing in Singapore and Malaysia market for the first lauch. Project was approved by the goverment in one of the richest country in the world. This project will require investors who wish to buy our shares at the minimum or USD 100M. (Depending on demand) as we are open to the market at this juntion. 

ROI will be discuss futher. 

Interested drop me an email.

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