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(Expired)(now training risk managers) Trading Robot Created By A Silicon Valley / Singapore AI Operation

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Asking Price: S$100K - 200K
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Reason For Sale

NOT SELLING- Seeking trading partners looking to earn passive income, to grow our wealth and network


Hello traders,

The franchise locations in Singapore are all spoken for (taken i.e.)
however if you would like to join our risk menagement tean we are
now doing training for risk menagement positions.

At ths time we are not charging for the training.

Traders and non traders can sign up by emailing
or calling John.

Best regards.


+65 8859 6569 (whatsApp)

Please note that the location, Superior AI Systems - Singapore HQ, is taken
The locations listed below are also taken.
The Names Of The Five Regions Are As Follows:
Superior AI Systems - West. (taken)
Superior AI Systems - North. (taken)
Superior AI Systems - North East. (taken)
Superior AI Systems - East. (taken)
Superior AI Systems - Central. (taken)
Kind Regards, John

Owner financing is available so that you have very little or no out
of pocket costs.

We are now both in Silicon Valley CA, and here in Singapore!

Own the exclusive rights to this Trading Robot (Sophia) in Singapore!

Hello, my name is John, I'm German but I was born in the US and now lived in Singapore for about seven years. My time here in Singapore was spent developing an AI system that does trading. I'm looking for one person who wants to own the rights to this system in Singapore.

I did very well in the world of trading and retired at age 42 and took five years off. After getting married to a Singaporean and moving to Singapore, I decided to put my trading know-how into a trading robot. It took a while however I believe we now have the best trading bot ever created.

I look forward to having coffee with you and sharing my vision.

Warm Regards,


Phone or message:

+65 8859 6569 (you can also WhatsApp me using this number)

Below are a few highlights concerning the proposal...

You will own the exclusive rights to use this trading system in Singapore!
You will team up with John, the creator of this AI trading system. There are no
coding skills required (this proposal is intended for Accredited Individuals).

Note below is from my biggest fan, my Wife Sheila.

Dear Mr. John Henry Beiler,
Initially as I was trying to expand my business, I was closed-minded on using the franchise scheme. I couldn’t see the big picture and always felt that as long as our company could afford to open branches of tuition centers and student cares, we would continue to do so and keep all the revenue to ourselves. After I read your ANP company bible, it opened my eyes to franchising and that the scale of such a business model is unmatchable with my small team’s efforts. Hence, I embarked on a journey to secure partners in investment and marketing and together with my operational experience, I built a large team to take on a large market share in Singapore with our business model. We are expanding now even as I type this. Thank you for helping me take the first step to success.
You are forever my one and only love,
Sheila Jay


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