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Partner wanted for fuel saving projects

Ang Mo Kio

Asking Price: Under S$50K
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Lim Hwee beng
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Investor wanted



Interested on fully power generator (get free electricity) , engine by water, see last row under NEW INVENTION. Planning go for IPO.  

Below are system can save fuel from 20-50%. Ready item (sold in market) 

I had design a machine that can helps vehicle to save fuel upto 30-50%. This invention is been proven over 10 years and its working very well. Past I sold to USA, Canada, euro or export over 26 countries worldwide. 

Product design status: Ready

Applications: All type engine from 100cc to 10000cc. Diesel, Lpg, Cng engines. No modify to engines. No need LTA approval after contacting LTA. 

Custom build price for below 100units, range from $1200 to 3000 subject to applications. Lead time 4 to 6 weeks. Product life 5 years max. No service require. Saving rate 30% max. All parts meet to UL, CSA, CE international standard. 

Profits share plan for local : 

This business will not affected by economy because truck and bus need to on road everyday. 

Below Fuel saving project target buses companies like SBS and Green Bus. This plan is to share the profits with clients 50% on the saving. Duration contract with clients 10 years. Clients will pay machine cost for any number they need. We just share the profits at no cost. The more saving, the more profits we get. 

Explain profits on SBS buses.

One bus monthly consume diesel $5000.

Save 30% $1500 monthly

1 year save $18000

5 years save $90000

SBS have total 8000 units. 

Save $720 millions 5 years. 

Explain profits for Ninja van delivery co.

Total 100 vans.

Monthly dirsel each van $800

Saving 30%. $240 monthly each van

Monthly profits $24000 for 100 vans.

Yearly profits close to $300000.

5 years profits $1500000.00

Others logistic or delivery companies include.

DHL, Federal express, UPS, Green bus, cargo trucks and etc. Huge big market. 

No competition. All machine are custom made and produce to different engine power and capacity. 

Indonesia oppotunity : truck project on fuel saving : my Indonesia clients ask me to build the fuel saving system for them. Total 3000 units. Next status is to DHL, federal express Indonesia total over 10000 units. Need investor support. 

Remark: Current model are design for diesel vehicle which I plan to target commercial vehicle. 

New invention design. 

1.Design hydrogen fuel to power an engine to produce energy for single person flying machine or to power a flying car. Hydrogen generation machine complete. 

2. Plan Selling design at $5,000,000 after testing. Investor get 50%. 

Run car by water: To run car by water only, no fuel is required. Plan to go for IPO after test in real car. System design completely done. We can produce our car or add on any existing car. All our client need is water to power the car. Good for environment and no pollution.   

3. Run power generator by water: Get free electricity from generator. 

4. Run your car to generate electricity to power your home by water (if you need to go shopping, you can still drive your car, only when car is station, you can use it as generator to power your home): Used your car to generate power for your home, all you need is water. Design for remote place user. 

For more detail. Please contact By email if you cannot reach me. Tel 82777721

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