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Prime Locations, Proven Success: Spa Business Available For Acquisition

Central AreaBeauty Salons
Asking Price: S$600,000(Neg.)
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  • Rental Desposit N/A
  • Revenue S$500K-1M
  • Liability N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A
  • Net Profit N/A
  • Stock N/A
  • FFE N/A
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  • Owner Role Full Time
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Reason For Sale

Owner Retiring


With a decade of dedication, we have sculpted a legacy in the beauty industry. With three strategically located outlets, we’ve become synonymous with premium skincare and wellness treatments. From our humble beginnings to our established brand today, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

What Is Our Competitive Advantage?
1) Personalized Treatments
2) Exclusive Staff Training
3) Established Brand and Customer Base
4) Diverse Clientele
5) Prime Locations

Reasons To Acquire Us?
1) Established Presence: We have solidified its position as a leader in the beauty industry over the past decade. With three strategically located outlets and a loyal customer base, acquiring our business provides an instant entry into a thriving market segment. Our established presence not only minimizes the risks associated with starting from scratch but also offers a platform for immediate growth and expansion.

2) Growth Potential: Despite our decade-long tenure, we continue to experience steady growth and demand for our services. With a diverse range of facial and massage treatments, as well as the introduction of Express Facial services two years ago, there are ample opportunities to capitalize on emerging trends and consumer preferences. Whether it's introducing new treatments, expanding into adjacent markets, or leveraging digital marketing channels to reach a wider audience, the potential for growth under new ownership is virtually limitless.

3) Expertise and Reputation: Our team of experienced aestheticians, backed by over 18 years of industry expertise, is one of our most valuable assets. By acquiring us, you gain access to a talented workforce dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and professionalism. Our stellar reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction further enhances the appeal of our business, providing a solid foundation for long-term success and profitability.

4) Unique Offerings: We stand out in a crowded marketplace thanks to our unique offerings, including personalized treatments and exclusive training. These distinguishing factors not only attract customers but also foster loyalty and repeat business. As the new owner, you inherit a business with a competitive edge, allowing you to command premium prices and maintain a loyal customer base in an increasingly competitive landscape.

5) Community Engagement: Beyond our commitment to beauty and wellness, we have deeply invested in the communities we serve. Through partnerships, events, and charitable initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact beyond the confines of our storefronts. Acquiring us means joining a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference, and creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and social responsibility.

6) Financial Performance: Last but not least, we boast a strong financial track record, with consistent revenue streams and healthy profit margins. Our well-established business model, combined with multiple revenue streams from treatments, retail sales, and membership programs, ensures stability and sustainability in an ever-changing market. As a prospective buyer, you can rest assured knowing that we offer not just a lucrative investment opportunity but also a proven path to financial success and prosperity.
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