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Profitable Cash Flow Positive E-Commerce Company


Asking Price: S$500K - 1M
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Swito Yuber
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Reason For Sale

We are selling because we want to focus 100% of our time on another company.


This is a fast growing peer-to-peer online rental company with positive cash flow on revenue of between S$30,000 to S$50,000 annually. This company has been around since 2012 and we have the largest market share of peer-to-peer online rental marketplace in Singapore. The company has over 5,000 registered users and over 2,000 items available for rent through the website.

On the top of the positive cash flow and the fast-growing customer base, you will get a cloud computing company that has functions or features that allow users to perform online transactions such as 

-Self-listing items (user generated content)

-Promote items via the website or Google search engine

-Make reservation and payment via bank transfer or credit card/PayPal

-Peer-to-peer evaluation

-Automatic email reminders for users 

You can check out how our company works via

This is a good opportunity if you are looking to establish an e-Commerce or Cloud Company in Singapore and bring the company overseas while taking over a profitable cash flow positive technology company. 

We all know around 90% of companies can’t make it through the first year so that explains how difficult it is to build up a profitable cash flow positive company.

We are willing to listen to any reasonable offers. Since this is a fast growth company, we are looking at around 20 times revenue, so around S$600K and S$1M. The last investor in the early 2015 offered invest S$100K in exchange for 20% equity of the company with the valuation of S$500K. We rejected the offer. We want richer valuation for the the largest peer-to-peer online rental marketplace that we have built in Singapore since 2012.

We are selling because we want to focus 100% of our time on another company.

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