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Profitable Rental Business Mentorship @ $1500 Only


Asking Price: S$1,500
Profitable Rental Business Mentorship @ $1500 Only
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Educating people on building a rental business


Have you ever thought of finding another stream of income while making use of existing props and furnitures at home or building a rental business? Do you also have a keen eye for details and love aesthetic? If you do, this is for you.

Do you know that the props that is sitting at your place can help you generate another stream of income if you choose to take a leap of faith and start a small rental business at the comfort of your own home? I've seen many people not fully utilising the props they have with them existingly and this includes people in the wedding events industry, especially wedding stylists. Perhaps they have tried to list their props for rent BUT to no rental request or getting low-balled. The main point is, they don't know how to do it properly...

I've been through exactly what you're at right now. I once had a wedding styling business (which I've sold off at the start of this year) and I was sitting at my desk one day, wondering how can I fully utilise the props I've bought for my business to get another stream of income. These props are too aesthetically beautiful to be left in my storeroom collecting dust while waiting to be used for my styling events. Then, I thought of doing rental but I had no idea how to do it properly. I kept procrastinating and I told myself that "I'll do proper research and execute it when I'm less busy". And then, Covid-19 hit the whole industry. We came to a standstill for at least half a year, had $0 income during that period and even suffered a loss. I was forced to pivot my business as I needed to earn more money since my wedding styling business was my bread and butter. I managed to build up my rental wing of business in less than 2 weeks - it was much shorter than what I thought. Kick-started my rental biz upon completion and in my 1st month, I managed to get about $500 extra income from this business. Subsequently, I've gotten a 3-4 figures every month just from my rental business. The best part? It doesn't take much of your effort and time doing this - all you need to do is to pack and unpack the rental items. 

As I've personally seen success myself, I really want to help others who are trying to start something like what I did. I didn't have any guidance on how to start my rental business properly in the past and I went through a tons of troubleshooting on my own to find a success formula. I know how confusing and lonely this journey could be and I genuinely want to help others succeed too. Hence, I'm doing this at a small fee of $1500. I guarantee that my method works and it will bring in extra income for you. If it doesn't work after 6 months, I'm happy to refund you that you've paid prior WITHOUT QUESTIONS ASKED. This is my bold promise to you. 

Here's the catch - I only work with individuals who are dead serious about growing a rental business and is willing to put in the effort to make it work. They must be fast action takers and has the ability to adapt to changes quickly. Most importantly, to follow my systems strictly. 

Drop me an enquiry if you're the right person I'm looking for this mentorship and is serious about making your rental business work.

* P/S: I've a strict mentorship selection process too, and I would need you to answer a few questions when you make an enquiry. This is for me to access if we are a right fit to work together. My ultimate aim is to help bring you to the sucess that YOU want. Hence, your goals and expectations are VERY important to me and I need to know them, otherwise I won't know how to help you. Please answer as truthfully as you can.

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