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(Expired)Rare Opportunity to Start Italian Food Business 开办意大利餐厅业务良机

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Asking Price: S$18,000(Neg.)
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Are you looking to start RESTAURANT business but lack of TRAINER or a good RECIPE?
We also provide consultancy service on the required equipment set up and sourcing of suppliers.
This is a very RARE service provided with authentic Italian Pizza & Pasta recipe which is very hard to come by.

Our recipe is originated from an Italian Chef and is on par with high-end fine dining Italian restaurants.
Our dishes have been highly acclaimed as can be evident from reviews in Google and various social media and online platforms.
Seize this opportunity now as the price you pay is super low which you will never be able to find such low price to acquire such recipe. Furthermore there is no royalty, no restriction, no ongoing fees to pay.

We have been using this recipe for more than 15 years. Our food has been highly rated with excellent reviews online.
We have also been featured in TV, major newspapers, magazines, blogs etc ever since.
When we started our business back then we have been profitable since day one. This is mainly because our recipe is authentic.

With this recipe, you can start and scale your business in the following areas.
(1) Fast & casual dining with for both dine-in & takeout services.
(2) Islandwide delivery service.
(3) Catering arm serving mini buffet, bulk mealbox etc.
(4) “Dial-A-Pizza Chef” concept i.e. baking fresh pizza right at customer’s place having events, parties, gathering etc.
(5) Catering service by partnering with online platform providers
(6) Duplicate the business model to expand into chain restaurants.
(7) High-end fine dining Italian restaurant.
(8) Create multiple virtual brands from the same kitchen or cloud kitchen to be listed online with various delivery platforms.
(9) Franchising

It is extremely rare for any Italian Chef to sell their recipe and skills. We have worked with the founding Chef in the early days and we have acquired the true Italian recipe by paying quite a substantial sum then.

Italian Chef is usually highly paid as they hold the required recipe and skills. This profession is highly sought after and also part of the reason why Italian food are priced very high in most restaurants.

By engaging our service, you may be able to save cost by TRAINING your staff instead of hiring experienced Chef who commands high starting salary.
Our service is suitable whether you are an individual or company group with big plans. You can start small business in food stalls or in restaurant chain business.
Holding the right recipe is key to starting a food business as it forms a very important element.

In this rare opportunity we are offering a steep discount for the fees of our service, training and recipe at only $18,000, original price at $60,000.
Interested party may contact for further discussion.


现在就抓紧这个机会,因为我们的价格超低,绝对无法找到如此低的价格来获得这正宗的食谱秘方。 此外,你不需付特许权费用,没有限制,也不需要支付其他持续费用。

我们开餐厅使用这个食谱秘方已经超过 15 年了。 我们的食物在网上获得了很高的评价和好评。我们的食物不时受报导,包括本地电视频道、主要报纸、杂志、博客网络等。
我们的业务从第一天开业就获得盈利。 这主要是因为我们的食谱是正宗的。

(1) 开办有堂食,外带及外卖服务的快餐或休闲餐饮店。
(2) 全岛外卖送货服务。
(3) 提供迷你自助餐、散装餐盒等的餐饮模式。
(4) 提供“Dial-A-Pizza Chef”服务,即在客户的家里、聚会、商业聚会等场现场提供现烤披萨。
(5) 参与网络平台提供家庭或商业餐饮服务
(6) 复制商业模式,以连锁餐厅模式扩展。
(7) 开办高档高级意大利餐厅。
(8) 以同一个厨房设为云厨房创建多个虚拟品牌,在各外卖平台开启线上餐厅。
(9) 开办特许经营

意大利厨师出售其食谱秘方和技能是非常的少见。 我们是在早期与意大利主厨合作,并通过支付一笔高费用而获得了此正宗意大利食谱秘方。

意大利厨师通常收入很高,因为他们掌握所需的食谱秘方及技能。 这职业备受追捧,也是意大利餐食在大多数高档餐厅定价非常高的部分原因。

无论您是个人还是有宏大计划的公司集团,我们的服务都适合您。 您可以在摊位或餐厅开展生意。

我们的食谱秘方培训及服务费用现有大幅度折扣,只需$18,000, 原价为$60,000。 这是非常难得的机会。

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