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Ready-To-Use Auto Online Evaluation Platform Look For Takeover

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Auto Online Evaluation Platform - a tool designed to elevate students' academic performance and exam preparation.

What is it and what are the unique selling point?

- Online Academic Performance Evaluation Platform is an on line test bank question-answering system.

- Positioned Singapore as a regional hub of educational resources, the subjects covered by platform including English, Mathematics, and Logic, align with the primary one to six school curriculums. This diversity ensures students are exposed to a broad range of academic perspectives and standards (gov/ international/private).

- The existing 2,122 single-choice questions, all presented in English. Upon registration, the system automatically curates and recommends suitable exam questions based on the student's age, ensuring they engage in age-appropriate and challenging content.

- The assessment scope for the existing three subjects:

English (英语) :Reading (阅读理解) | Vocabulary (词汇) | Grammar (语法)

Mathematics (数学): Numbers and Algebra (数字和代数) | Measurement and Geometry (测量和几何)| Statistics (统计)

Logic (逻辑) : Pattern Completion | 图案完成 ;Analytical Reasoning | 信息分析 ; Mirror Images | 镜像识别;Grouping Images | 辨图分组 ; Classification | 分门别类; Paper Folding | 纸上折叠 ; Water Images | 水影幻象; Embedded Images | 嵌入图像; Analogy | 类推; Paper Cutting | 剪纸图形; Shape Construction | 形状构建; Figure Matrix | 图形矩阵

- The website platform's server is in Hong Kong : Global Connectivity and Fast Local Access especially in China and Southeast Asia. Gateway to China, the response rate for China users to access is much higher than Singapore server. Hong Kong has its own legal system separate from Mainland China, which includes laws related to data privacy and protection.

- The existing website’s annual maintenance fee is SGD800, every year there will be training provided and other services provided from tech company located in China, and there is a team to response your request if there are any system failures.

- If wish to add more questions, website owners can do so by accessing the system backend on their own. If want to add new question types or develop additional features, the technical team can provide a quote based on these requirements and continue with the follow-up.

Who use the platform now?

- A foreign family is contemplating early-age studying abroad in Singapore, the evaluation can serve as a vital tool for self-assessment of their child's current academic performance. Based on the results, student can then make precise improvements to enhance their skills.

- Students can getting a head start and familiarize with the diverse question types found in international exams, and acclimating to the online testing environment, students can effectively prepare themselves mentally for future real-world entrance examinations.

- By reducing sunk costs, foreign student can alleviate the pressure associated with high entrance exam fees, which average between SGD400-1000 per attempt at some international schools.

- Whether or not students have plans to study abroad, they can utilize the assessment questions for enrichment learning in their daily lives, broadening their knowledge base in the process.

What advantages can the takeover party expect to gain?

- Consultation firms, tuition providers, and language training centers can benefit from incorporating this system as value-added services to charge the clients.

- The takeover party also has the flexibility to customize the text and contents, transforming it into a brand-new evaluation system tailored to their specific industry.

How long is the take over process?

- Website ownership takes 3-5 days for China side to process, provide IC or passport photocopy will do.

Who to contact for more details?

- Please kindly email to and tell us your prefered date & timing for us to reach you on phone, or we can shedule a zoom meeting.
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