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(Expired)[Silent Investors Wanted] Indoor Spa & Onsen Using Beers With Dine-In Capacity

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Asking Price: S$120,000
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Reason For Sale

[Silent Investors Wanted]


Dear All,

My name is Wan Hao, and together with a team of entreprenuers, we are looking for silent investors to help finance an exclusive, first-in-Singapore concept that is new and upcoming.

Note: This is a new business, and this is NOT a takeover.

It is an indoor spa and onsen (approx 2,000 sqft) whereby malt, hops and yeast are primiarly the key ingredients to the thermal bath. The business model is simple: customers book a room for their private onsen session where they can bathe in a beer spa and/or onsen, enjoy ice-cold beers at the same time, and quality time with their loved ones.

Our primary audience would be Singaporeans and tourists who will visit our premise with their partner. They will be charged by the no. of pax / no. of hours.

We are presently looking for a silent partner who will help primarily to finance our start-up capital. We have laid the foundation for this business to be kickstarted almost immediately, and with these prepared, the final push we need is the funds to get this launched. From conceptualisation to design and build and marketing, we have already laid a series of plans and strategy for this to take place.

We are presently looking for a capital injection of SGD 120,000.00 for a 45% shareholding. The balance shares will be shared across the rest of us, who will form the majority of the team that operates the business on a daily basis.

Partner #1 - 45% [YOU]
Partner #2 - 20%
Partner #3 - 20%
Partner #4 - 10%

Most of the funds raised for the business will come from Partner #1, while Partners #2 - 4, including myself, will contribute to the business in terms of our expertise, time and experience to run the business on a daily basis.

You will also be given the utmost priority when it comes to ROI as a pivotal shareholder, and you will receive your dividends first until you recoup the initial capital.

The expected ROI is between 15-18% within a period of 24-28 months.

Critiera in investors that we are looking for:
- Interested to set aside the inital start-up capital to run the business as a silent partner
- Willing to enter a relationship whereby you come up with the inital funds and your other partners do the main operation and running of the premise
- Willing to set aside time on a monthly/bi-monthly basis (dependent on your schedule) to review and regroup (this is a time-to-time meeting to discuss and review the stages of the business)

Why $120K?
1. Cash goes into the company's float (i.e. running cost)
2. The startup costs needed
3. Acquire premise (on a tenancy basis) including paying for all relevant sums e.g. depositsIncludes all regulations and licensing involved

If you are keen, please contact us and we will be happy to share more with you. (FYI: We are offering S$120,000 for 45% of the shares. We will not be accepting any partial amount for a pro-rated percentage of shares. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.)

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