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Successful F&B Venture For Sale: Authentic Porridge With Heritage Recipes!

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Asking Price: S$500K - 1M
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Reason For Sale

Owner retiring


Founded in 2021 amidst the challenges of the global pandemic, we have emerged as a beacon of traditional culinary excellence in Singapore.
Our flagship restaurant in a vibrant prime location offers an inviting seating capacity, complemented by other stalls at other locations, bringing our revered recipes to diverse neighbourhoods. Each outlet is a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition, with authentic recipes and a dedication to the craft of porridge-making.

Well-regarded across Singapore, we have garnered significant acclaim and organic media attention, positioning itself as a top choice for discerning porridge enthusiasts. As we prepare to transition ownership, we offer a unique opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs to acquire a thriving business with a distinguished reputation.

What sets us apart?
1. Strategic Locations Across Singapore
2. Established Brand & Media Recognition
3. Authentic Porridge with Heritage Recipes

Reasons to acquire us:
1. Proven Business Model - we have demonstrated resilience and success since its inception, even amidst a challenging economic climate. The business model is proven, with established operations and a loyal customer base, reducing the risk for new owners and offering immediate revenue potential.

2. Exclusive Recipes and Culinary Heritage - The acquisition includes proprietary recipes and cooking techniques that are unique. This culinary heritage provides a competitive edge, ensuring the new owner can continue to offer a distinctive product that stands out in the market.

3. High Growth Potential - With the main restaurant’s lease secured until 2025 and priority renewal rights, there is significant potential for expansion and growth. The strategic locations and strong brand recognition position the business well for scaling operations or exploring new markets within Singapore.

4. Established Market Presence - We are a well-known brand with a strong reputation and a significant following. This established presence offers new owners a head start in the market, eliminating the need for extensive brand-building efforts and allowing for immediate focus on operational growth.

5. Operational Support and Guidance - The owner’s offer to provide consulting support during the transition ensures that the new owner will have access to essential knowledge and insights, facilitating a smoother takeover. This guidance is crucial for maintaining consistency in quality and operations during the initial phase of ownership.

Acquiring us presents a unique opportunity to own a well-established culinary brand renowned for its authentic porridge. With a rooted legacy, a loyal customer base, and strategic locations across Singapore, this business offers a solid foundation for immediate revenue and growth.

The exclusive recipes, proven business model, and committed transitional support from the current owner ensure a smooth handover and continued success, making us a compelling investment for passionate entrepreneurs looking to enter or expand in the F&B sector.
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