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The Good News Is Finally Here!

Central Area

Asking Price: Under S$50K
  • Premise Type N/A Premise Size 1850sqft
  • Monthly Rental S$15,500 Rental Desposit S$45,000
  • Revenue S$100K - 200K Cash Flow N/A
  • Gross Profit S$20K - 50K Net Profit S$20K - 50K
  • Stock S$5,000*** Liability N/A
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE S$35,000 Established 2014
  • Owner Role Investor Staff 10
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Monthly average
  • ***Not inlcude in the selling price
ACI Singapore Angel Collaborative Investments Pte Ltd
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Reason For Sale

Seller want to upgrade to purchasing of commercial unit


Strictly No Agents / Brokers

We are starting on 1/12/19. Sincere Buyers/Investors hurry down to see the business fast so that you can valuate it after getting all the information!

Yes! From only just $50k or more investment you can be part of a very successful Chinese Seafood Restaurant business. THIS IS NOT JUST A RESTAUREST BUT A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, are you aware how many seafood restaurants makes big profits? JUMBO, LONG BEACH, NO SIGNBOARD, CRYSTAL JADE, PARADISE, ETC. I am sure you heard of the brands mentioned.  

With its current monthly nett profit of $20,000plus to $40,000plus, the return of investment (ROI) is around 20% to 45% per annum.

Frankly, there is rarely or NO such opportunity available in the market for only a mere $50k investment.

For anyone looking for a good passive income business to invest in, this is the rarest and most likely the best option you can find in the market!


Do understand that unless you have at least few hundred thousand or a million budget to invest, then such opportunity is available in the market. That why the RICH get RICHER!

But Now We Are Going To Change That!

We have create a way to allow low investment capital to enter to a good profiting business and enjoy good passive income. Sound unbelievable or too good to be truth, right? Come see for yourself! You should be excited and amazed after seeing!

For just only $50k or more, you get to be the co-owner of a successful seafood restaurant.

If you are ready and been looking around with for good business opportunity or passive income. This is finally the right one that you are looking for! Contact Us Now and See for Yourself!

We look forward with sharing more information with you so that you can decide better.

You will be asked 4 questions:

  1. What are you looking for in the market? (Ex: buying a business / passive income opportunity / franchise / etc)

  2. What is a reasonable ROI per annum if you invest $50k? (not high/low but reasonable return. Ex: 5% to 100%pa)

  3. How many businesses have you seen physically? (Ex: 0-10)

  4. What is your investment budget? (Ex: $0 - $1M)

“Why Is This Business A Good Buy? 

- Compare this to any listing you can find. (Any listings better?)

- Buying a rare and good profit business! There is no trial and error! Just don't mess it up.

- Great location! Located alongside with reputable brands such as Ya Kun, Sushi Tei,Wine connection, etc With upcoming new commercial building, hotel, and residential units, business can only get better!

- NO waiting period to earn money. No sourcing for locations. No waiting for staff. Typically, setting up a business takes about 6 months. 6 months of waiting. 6 months of opportunity cost. With this business, you earn money from Day 1! Ready, set, go!

- Be an investor and earn passive income. The business is already run by staff. You don’t really need to be around! You can continue with whatever you are focusing on. Of course, we recommend that you come by now and then to make sure everything is being run excellent. But, you DON'T NEED to be around.

- Buying a profitable sure beats having your money sitting around in the bank and earning next to nothing!

- Learn from someone who can coach you to be a successful restaurateur. You always wanted to own a restaurant. For sure, you want it to be successful.. and, profitable. Well, you don't need to go at it alone! Current owner will guide and be the advisor for the business. He will be around for us to ask questions, and to learn the ropes of the business (the dos and don'ts).” Credit & quoted by David

We are starting very soon, very limited slots available. Sincere Buyers/Investors hurry down to see the business fast so that you can valuate it after getting all the information!

Contact us now!

*For Serious Parties only, we do not like to waste anybody precious time including ours. We invest in it too! We put money where our mouth is.

**For foreign investors, contact us ONLY by Whatsapp at +65 93559531. We only respond to foreigners via whatsapp.


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