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(ACI:3)Be a Business Owner With Low Entry Investment! Dont Miss Out!

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Date Closed: 04/05/2020

Asking Price: S$20,000
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Reason For Sale

Low Capital


1st in Singapore & Asia, Collaborative Investing!



You may wonder, what is Collaborative Investing (CI)?

Collaborative Investment is working with others to achieve the funding required to reach a shared goal. It is where multiple individual Investors with pockets and sums of funds gather their funds, where the sum is being put into potential investments (physical businesses) of their choice to rolls the invested money into more folds!

Collaborative Investing has been popular and gain tremendous success in Europe areas. We are adopting the system and launching the 1st in Singapore and Asia.

Don’t miss out of this opportunity! Be the pioneer to find out more about our new launch!

We will like to invite like-minded investors and entrepreneurs who were attracted to both our mission and our approach.


If you are having a low budget or having spare money and wondering where to invest in, contact us and let us share more with you! We are opening up this opportunity to invite all to earn and grow together. Wait no further, don’t miss out the chance to earn in this potential market. We carefully select businesses to invest. IT WOULD BE YOUR OWN CHOICE TO DECIDE WHICH BUSINESS IS SUITABLE FOR YOU. Do not worry being new to investments, we will guide you through.



We are a successful Business Brokerage company (Beavers) that has been serving hundreds of clients to sell and purchase profiting businesses. As we have manage to help and assist slots of high net worth / high budget clients to gain good profits from selling and buying businesses over the years, we would also want to help and assist low and mid budget investor to also enjoy similar opportunities and gains.

Our company (Beavers) has recently incorporated a new investment company (WE)to carry out our investments.



WE will be investing with our own funds into businesses, start-up and venture. WE has setup a new system, 1st of its kind in Singapore, to allow candidates to invest together with us into such opportunities.





WE Investment portfolio

WE has already invested into a events and leasing business previously and both are currently havng good returns of 2% - 9% monthly. Currently WE has signed a local F&B franchise that has good earnings potential with good history traction. The estimated cost for setting up for this F&B business is $200k. WE will breakdown the total investment in 10 slots, each slot equity of 10%, each slot required capital is estimated to be $20k. WE will invest into partial of the business and the rest will be distributed to interested & suitable candidates. The Investors of the business will be the Board of the business where individual Investor has his voting rights as well.

·         Estimated Business Capital - $200k

·         Business shares is broken-down into 10 slots – 10% each slot

·         Estimated cost of each slot - $20k

·         WE acquire 3 slots – 30% shares

·         Limited slot


*Interested parties will be invited to different outlets of this business to physical see the business concept. In-depth information and financial reports will be shared. Only if the interested parties felt confident about the business, they could forward their interest to us.


WE upcoming potential Investment – in the pipeline of negotiation

-          It is a small hotel business in a very fantastic location. Its current booking at around 80% occupancy rate all year round

-          Acquire profiting multiple stalls with more than 10 years history.

-          Takeover a distribution business with good profits.

Why choose us?

Basically the 2 main obvious reasons are;

·         Entry to good profiting businesses due to Investment sum

You have little/no option to consider good profiting businesses due to lack of investment sum. You can hardly invest in a proper business with Low Investment Especially in Singapore (Example: with $20k-30K budget you could merely takeover a chicken rice stall)


·         With our low entry capital; you don’t have to put all your eggs into 1 business.

To have all your investment capital in 1 investment is risky. (All eggs in 1 basket.) Due to uncertainty in the market, disruptive businesses, changes for in law, certain industry will be deeply affected, diseases outspread, etc which might cause a healthy business to spiral down.


Other reasons

·         Options to many choices.

Being a brokerage company we are have access to majority businesses in the market. Normally for individual buyer/investor, you only could only pick the business that you have seen or come across. Hence that already puts individual buyer/investor at a disadvantage position. Hence we picked that most potential businesses/opportunities we deem fit.

Example 1; for entrepreneurs / investors, just connecting with good VCs/business will be a challenge. And large investors had a hard time picking the VCs/businesses were positioned for success. There just wasn’t a slot of information for easy access.


·         Shared Knowledge

One of the 20th century's brightest minds believed that by working with others, everyone would benefit;

By sharing information and thoughts, by helping other people be better thinkers, and by admitting that everyone has something to learn, knowledge could be advanced quicker. By asking questions, reading differing opinions, and participating in discussions, all investors can shorten their own learning curves.

·         Participation

Shareholders could participate / manage / have the say on business objective, operation, management, etc


·         Leveraged

Leveraging on knowledge, experience, referral, contacts will definitely increase our success.

·         Put money where your mouth is

Lastly we invest in what we pitch as well. The recommended businesses we share with members / clients / investors, we invest with our own money as well.

·         Liquidation

 Normally when you invest into the business, your capital is being use into the business. In the event if you would like to liquidate it, it would be tough or impossible. WE has also created a new platform where shareholder could anytime liquidate or put up their share for sale. We would have a waiting list of keen Investors who wants to purchase the existing shares.

·         Other Franchise

Other franchises brand. Example K, etc.

·         Mindset

We are seeking for individuals with similar investment values. Sharing about WE.



Min entry: $ 20K, there is no limit to the maximum. Tell us your thoughts, do not miss this chance!

If you think you are ready to invest into a good business model, call us and we will share with you.



"If you want it, go for it. Take a risk, dont always play it safe or you'll die wondering."

For any further enquiries, contact us at / or + 65 9105 9695

*Take note as for foreign investor, you need contact us via whatsapp / call us at +65 9105 9695 for easier communication.

Who are the people that will find Collaborative Investment (CI) suitable or the advantage of collaborative investing?

·         Insufficient amount to invest in the whole business

·         Do not want to invest all amount into only 1 business

·         Prefer to diversify their investment

·         Unable to manage/oversee the business

·         Believe leveraging is an advantage

·         Shared knowledge

·         Participation in the business

·         Extensive network and customers due to more partners

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