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Seeking investor or partner for Thailand Cannabis project.

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Budget: S$200K - 500K

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BAILIDE Group Boldvape is a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes in Asia with a wide range of products that cater to all budgets. The company has been in business for over 10 years and has established a strong reputation for quality and customer service.
The cannabis industry in Thailand has seen rapid development in recent years, especially in the medical and healthcare fields, where cannabis products have been widely used. With the gradual relaxation of government regulation and openness towards cannabis, the potential of the cannabis market in Thailand is increasing. As a professional cannabis product sales company, BOLDHEMP has already established its own brand and sales network, with a high degree of brand awareness and reputation, making it well positioned to tap into the growing market potential. As cannabis legalisation progresses, the product market is growing rapidly. In Thailand, the government has gradually legalised medical and industrial applications of cannabis since the end of 2021. The cannabis industry chain is improving, indicating huge future market potential. The cannabis market in Thailand is currently booming with strong prospects and business opportunities.
We do Franchise and Plantation. One year return up to 90%. Interested please contact us whatsapp +65-87802633
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